Pittsburgh Mom Collective is specifically designed to connect and engage moms in the Pittsburgh Metro area, providing families with practical information and helpful resources, including product reviews. We offer creative and affordable ways to promote relevant content to our readers, including image ads, sponsored posts and giveaways.

If you’ve never looked into advertising with use before, you might be surprised at what’s being offered – it’s unlike anything you’ll ever see in traditional media! Consumers are tired of watching commercials and reading the newspaper. We’ve all become accustomed to traditional forms of marketing, and have become skilled at tuning them out. Because our primary focus is delivering valuable content to consumers, they’re reading us. They’re trying new products and services because they’ve heard them mentioned or featured on a website they trust to provide information that’s relevant to their lives.

If you are a business based in the Pittsburgh area, we’d love to hear from you and discuss a potential partnership. Please keep in mind that our target audience is moms, and we only promote products, services and events that we can personally vouch for.

Get the conversation started by emailing us [email protected] We make every effort to respond within 2 business days.