Amanda Mihailoff

Amanda is a 32-year-old Pittsburgh native who ventured from living along the Allegheny River as a child to crossing the rivers and now living along the Monongahela River with her husband (Tom) and two boys (T.J. age 5 & Joey age 1). She is a Journalism graduate of Point Park University (2008) and has been working as a Marketing/Business Development professional in the Engineering Industry since. “Family First” is the Mihailoff motto so Amanda likes to focus on providing fun experiences and (too many) toys for the kids all while supporting her husband’s dream of coaching high school football. Between a fulltime career, kids’ and their activities and homework, and Tom’s full plate, Amanda is always on the go but with a smile and laughter. Life gets crazy but it’s the journey through it that matters! Free time does eventually roll around for Amanda. That’s when you will find her trying new recipes, using a new home workout, golfing, going for coffee with a friend, watching movies, or scrolling Facebook (and not afraid to admit it).

Crafting for National Fossil Day

“Let’s go find fossils, Joey!” my 6 year old, T.J., exclaims to his 2 year old brother while playing outside. I cringe when I hear this only because finding fossils means chipping away at...

Adapting Hobbies After Becoming Mommy

For the first few years of our children’s lives, us Moms seemingly put our own lives on hold for our children. As child independence brews and the “mom guilt” subsides, have you discovered that...
Volunteering as guest reader in Kindergarten.

The (Unexpected) Rewards of Being a Classroom Volunteer

  When we enrolled our son in Kindergarten last year, we learned that our school has a “Service Hours” requirement. I knew I would volunteer for a classroom activity to serve some of these hours....
Toddler cries reaching for object.

Surviving the Toddler MINE! Phase

“They” say moms have super human strength or reflexes when her child is in danger. When my 5-year-old rolled down that plastic “roller coaster” while his little 1-year-old brother was sprawled across the track...

Turning a Long Drive into an Adventure

Many years ago I read who-knows-where-online a tip for traveling with young kids: keep to their schedule. Drive during asleep times and plan for their active times was the advice given. I took this...

Safety Tips for Running & Walking when it’s Dark Outside

Daylight Savings Time has begun! But your evening runs aren't that sunny yet. And if you are an early morning runner, unfortunately you just lost what little daylight you started seeing. When summer rolls...

I Am Tired of the Excuses

I am so over the excuses. There is no place for excuses. I am done with them, and you should be too. Say what?! We moms need to stop saying "excuse the mess," or the pizza...

National Handwashing Week – Yea, It’s a Thing!

Did you know about National Handwashing Awareness week? Yea, neither did I until recently. And it strikes home for me for some, probably, odd reasons. National Handwashing Awareness Week is the first full week of...