Brittany Allen

Brittany is a Leader in the Self Love and Financial industry helping women cultivate peace while being householders and creating wealth for their family, . She's spent the last 10 years as an entrepreneur serving women in various industries such as beauty, wellness, and event planning. When she's not helping women manifest the abundance they deserve, you'll find her spending time with her little girl, teaching yoga, or dabbling in magic. Don't be afraid to come say hey at Brittany Rose Wellness and comment or tag her in your favorite article!

3 Tips to Save More Time as a Millennial Momma

It's 2023, can you believe it? Have you ever felt like time is flying and you get nothing done? I sure have. Post pandemic era has a different vibe we're all trying to work with....

Back to School for Single Moms aka How to Keep it Together

I'm gonna be transparent here, being a single mother is not for the weak.Every. Single. Choice. is decided by you and every choice you don't decide falls upon you.Clothes, doctors, bills, play dates, first...

Slay for Summer: 3 Yoga Poses to Tone Abs, and Lift the Booty!

Summer is weeks away and you know what that means...Warmer weather = less clothes Less clothes can leave us feeling vulnerable. Media always showing us flat bellies and no back rolls, stirring up insecurities about how...

4 Practical Wellness Tips for Full Schedules

Are you tired of hearing the words "self care" Or reading about wellness, while feeling so guilty that by the end of the day you don't feel like you have any time or energy for...

30 for 30: 30 things I’ve learned by my 30th birthday

Turning 30 feels refreshing. It's a blank slate with all the wisdom you've amassed.I love to reflect before each of my birthdays and this year I've come up a list of 30 things I've...

Black History Month Leave Your Family a Legacy: Creating Generational Wealth Part 3

Wow, look at you! You've come so far in changing the financial future of your family. Bravo, momma! I'm ending this series with how you can leave your family a legacy, no matter what...

Black History Month Basic Money Strategies: Creating Generational Wealth Part 2

Now that we have introduced some mindset shifts around receiving wealth from part 1, if you haven't read it yet, check it out HERE. , we can move forward with learning strategies to make the magic...

Black History Month: Creating Generational Wealth Part 1

Black history month is a time where we celebrate and appreciate all the strides People of Color have made. While it should be celebrated ALL year, I’m excited to add my own black girl...

Divine on a Dime: 3 Hacks to Living Abundant on a Budget

Who doesn't love a healthy dose of luxury and abundance in their lives?Being neck deep in Momland it can be easy to forget what feeling luxurious is like. Even more so now that the majority...

The Butternut Squash of Doom

I have a tiny secret.Butternut squash used to intimidate me. The elusive shape and many articles on health benefits had me admiring from afar.  Here's why- squash and root veggies can be hard to cut!...