Brittany Allen

Brittany is a Wellness Coach with specialties in Holistic Weightloss and Yoga. When she is not playing with her daughter or creating short YouTube videos for Busy Moms, she is empowering and educating others about wellness. Brittany is a 250 Hour Yoga Instructor and enjoys helping people feel better about themselves inside and out with her Online Yoga Studio: 9 to 5 Yogi.

Cultivate a Self Love Mindset: It Begins Inside of You! (With Video)

Self love is this weeks intention for our New Year New Mindset series. And hopefully a new life long intention for you. Being a mother is one of the most selfless jobs on the...

Intentions for The New Year: A New Approach to Resolutions With A Bonus Inside!!

This past year has been quite an interesting year. With all the highs and lows, we are blessed for another year around the calendar. I've been enjoying a social media hiatus, giving me a...

Giving Tuesday: Join in on the RAOK Fun

I pray your holidays were filled with love and fun. We are thankful for you being apart of our strong momma tribe! With it being Giving Tuesday, we were curious how we can give...

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Owning a Business and Being a Mom: Tips to Balance Work and Family

Some women have their business prior to kids. Or, in my case, having my daughter sparked the desire to become my own boss. Being a Mompreneur means trading in the ability to unplug after...

Traveling Solo: Top 8 Tips for Hitting the Road Alone

This year has been quite an interesting one for me. I followed my dream of becoming a yoga teacher and that led me to my first year of traveling consistently over the past few...

Stream Line Grocery Shopping: Healthy Choices Made Simple

Summer is here and a great opportunity to try healthier food choices. A lot of yummy fruits and vegetables are in season and can make eating healthy fun! If eating better is a goal...

Mindfulness And Mental Health Awareness Month: Ending The Stigma

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I was inspired to write about mindfulness and mental health. Talking about mental health is unfortunately a highly taboo topic that people shy away from talking about,...