Brittany Branyon

Brittany Branyon calls Auburn home, but has lived abroad and across the US - totaling 10 moves in 7 years. She lives with her son Jude, fiance Rick, dog Patton, and cat Oona. In a perfect world Brittany would spend her days gardening, whipping up happiness in the kitchen, and perusing farmers markets. Besides her family, the things Brittany loves most are international travel (she's up to 22 countries), experiencing unfamiliar cultures, and photography. If you want to be her best friend, simply make her a homemade gift or provide her with Ethiopian cuisine.

In Defense of Selfies

When people think of selfies they think of self-absorbed millennials willing to desecrate ancient ruins to get a perfect Instagram photo. They think of duck lips, staged photos, and "likes".  It's true to an extent,...
Photo Credit to Viva Portraits

My Favorite Children’s Television Shows

I’m that naïve sanctimommy that once said my children wouldn’t watch a second of television before they were four years-old.  Couple a harsh Northern New York Winter with a busy toddler and you have...
Photo Credit to Viva Portraits

What Not to Say to Someone With Depression

Depression is real.  It's not just being in a bad mood or feeling down for a few days. To those who suffer it's like living in a deep, dark, desolate place where you cannot...

Why I’m Teaching My Toddler Consent

My child isn’t even three yet and we’re already having “The Talk”.  Yes, that talk. You may wonder if he’s too young to have such mature conversation, but I think it has to begin early...

When You Have a Runner

When I was pregnant, I considered the nights I’d stay away with a sick kiddo or the sticky hands and face.  I thought about the time he would repeat a curse word he heard...

Eating Local in Pittsburgh

It’s the perfect time of year!  Okay, the pollen adds a tricky dynamic to it all, but there is something almost magical about the blooming trees and flowers. The little and I were in the backyard...

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: 5 Easy Steps

Today is Earth Day and though we should celebrate our planet every day, it allows for a day of reflection and renewed commitment. February 2016 was the hottest February on record, reaching a milestone scientists...

Get Outside in Pittsburgh!

When we first moved to Pittsburgh from Phoenix I was hesitant if we would find the same enjoyment in the outdoors as we did. At anytime of year there are ways to be active in...

On Breastfeeding a Toddler

I'm one of those weird crunchy gals who still breastfeeds her two year-old. I'm just a mom doing what she thinks is best for her family. In a time of Mommy Wars and Formula v....