Chelsea Cross

Chelsea Cross
Chelsea was born and raised in Pittsburgh. She currently lives in Shaler with her 2 sons. Her boys are polar opposites in terms of looks, one with blond hair and blue eyes and one with dark features. She spends her weekdays as a recruiter of nurses. She loves being able to talk to caring, passionate nurses on a daily basis. A fan of all creative pursuits, she spends her free time crocheting, writing, and dreaming up home improvement projects that never turn out quite the way she planned.

Breaking My Own Rules

I don’t let my kids sleep in my bed. Stick with me here, I promise this isn’t a discussion on whether or not you should be bed sharing.  I don’t let my kids sleep in...

What My Son’s Photography Taught Me About Self-Appreciation

My three year old son has a fascination with my iPhone camera.  Pretty typical stuff for a three year old.  He likes to walk around my house and record random objects, or take 50-60...

Redefining Strength

I’ve had an awful couple of years.  Feel free to judge me for this, but I previously wondered about people who seemed to be dealing with one tragedy after another.  I harshly wondered if...

Pittsburgh Area Fall Festivals- October 2019

Fall is officially upon us! Last month, we featured some of the amazing greater Pittsburgh area fall festivals being held in the month of September.  If you missed it, check it out here.  Now...

Pittsburgh Area Fall Festivals- September 2019

Ah, September.  The temperatures have started to drop, pumpkin spice flavors are being released back into the world, and everyone starts enjoying the coziness of fall on the horizon.  It’s an amazing time to...

I Despise Change

Change.  Multiple self-assessment tools have taught me that it’s not something I deal well with, even if it’s a change I’ve been wanting.  For example, I spent a good bit of my pregnancy with...

I’m 1 in 5

On New Years’ Day, my husband, son and I headed out to my husband’s office for a photo shoot we’d been planning for several weeks.  My son played perfectly to the camera while a...

Surviving the Holidays After the Loss of a Loved One

Holiday season is upon us.  For many of us, it means peppermint flavored everything, trips to see lights, gift giving, and a time of reflection on the closing of another year.  We celebrate the...

A Letter to my Tantruming Toddler

Baby, I see you.  I hear you.  Oh, trust me do I hear you.  I’m fairly certain everyone in this grocery store hears you.  I know it must be tough for you to want...

10 Things I’m Giving Up as a Mom

Early on in motherhood, I started to feel a sense of mourning.  There were so many things that I felt pressure to give up, just so that I would fit the "mom" mold.  They...