Daile Fordoski

Daile is a stay at home mom of two energetic boys. Her sons are six and three years old. Daile was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and has a bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies K-6. She tutors students of all ages and teaches elementary ESL classes online when her toddler is sleeping. Daile loves reading, writing, and playing with her boys.

Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Going Back To School

It's back to school time!!!!!  As summer comes to an end your child may not be too happy about trading days at the pool for sitting behind a desk.  I think the best way to...

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday Without Having a Party

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Tips For Going on a Road Trip with Children

I am the proud mom of two energetic, active boys.  This means that they NEVER sit still, and quiet time in my house is very unheard of!  Even though the only time my house...

5 Kid-Friendly Summer Crock Pot Recipes

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Summer Bucket List

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Sibling Rivalry

Growing up an only child I never had to worry about sibling rivalry.  Everything belonged to me and I was the center of attention.  My current household is the complete opposite.  I have two...

Cooking With Your Kids

Looking back on my childhood I have no memories of cooking in the kitchen.  I just remember that like magic a meal appeared on the table every evening.  But when I moved out of...