Elizabeth Hough

I am a mom to 4 beautiful children. I am a independent consultant with Thirty-One Gifts, and some may refer to me as "that crazy bag lady" We live about a hour outside of Pittsburgh, and finally are at a stage where everyone sleeps through the night and after 7 years are almost done with diapers!

Corona Blues

I think every single one of us had our own struggles during COVID lockdown. We each were weathering our own storms within the four walls of our house. I like to think of myself...


A little over 4 months ago I shared a big audacious goal for everyone who could access the internet to read. Truth be told, while I had every intention of training for the half...

Do the Hustle

Recently I had an acquaintance say to me, “Oh you do direct sales. That’s such a waste of time. You should just go get a real job.” After this conversation I realized there are...

Choosing Joy

2019 did not start out the way I expected. We had some pretty difficult things to walk through as a family, and to say it was rough would be a understatement. I heard a quote...


I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. Part of me thinks they are stupid. Do people even keep their resolutions? I feel like most people get to February and then they are over...

Dear Santa… Thank you.

December is my favorite month. I love everything about it. While we teach our children that Jesus is the reason for the Season, we set out our nativity, we read the story of His birth...

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Christmas is my favorite holiday. It has been for years! I love the lights, the decorations, the traditions, the places we only get to visit between Black Friday and December 23rd. Each year we...

From A Coach’s Wife

Nine years ago my weekends looked a lot different. Every Saturday I was at a Geneva Football game, pretending I knew what was going on. See, when you are dating a football player, you...

The Marriage Game

Dear Newlyweds... I want to rewind and walk you through my life 9 years ago.   I was days from getting married. We had dated for 4 years. I knew his family. I knew his dreams. I...

Small Victories

About a month ago I came across these pictures from my honeymoon, and I thought to myself ... "Oh my word, when did I put on so much weight?"   Almost 9 years ago, Ron and...