Happily lives in Squirrel Hill with husband and identical twin boys; trying to figure out how to be a good mom and stay sane.

Life After Premies

We survived. Born two whole months early and just over four pounds, we made it through to the other side of parenting. Now I don’t worry about their fragility. I worry about them jumping on...

Are They Twins?

   Are those twins?! Wow, you have your hands full! If I had twins, I’d send one back!   Double Trouble!   I don’t envy your life!  A friend and I were out shopping one afternoon with my boys...

A Good Change

A Good Change After not seeing my Ob (OB/GYN) since my six-week check after the boys were born, it seemed only appropriate that I finally make time for my annual. The boys will be two...

Climbing Anxiety

'It’s time to gear up for Christmas', I think to myself the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We had gotten home yesterday after a three day and ten hour round trip visit to my in-laws, and...

Celebrate the Youngest Fighters on Premature Awareness Day – November 17th

Election Day 2015... “So is this our last ultrasound?” My husband’s famous last question while we waited for the anatomy scan of our first baby.  We had one other ultrasound where we heard the heartbeat,...