Heather Holtschlag


Pursuing Pilates for Teens

From slouching over to staying up late to routinely bending their necks and heads to stare at their electronics while texting their friends…it’s no wonder teenagers get a bad rap for their posture. There...

Mindful Meditation

Since I became a mom eight years ago, I have found myself overusing the phrase "I don't have time." As in, "I don't have time to sit in and wait for the doctor for...

All “Thai’d” Up

“Heather, do you mind if I rub your belly?” In an instant, I traveled back in time six years, when I was pregnant with my youngest son and tolerating the passers-by in a random place...

Swap Out the Sugar: Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

  We’ve all done it. We’re out running errands with the kids when things suddenly take a turn for the worse when everyone starts getting cranky and irritable due to hunger. We stop at the...