Jessie is a 34 year old single mother of three teenagers. I describe our home as a chaotic circus that is full of love.

You can’t buy love

When you think of a trophy what comes to your mind? Hard work? Dedication? That proud feeling knowing the job was done well? Unfortunately those days are long behind us. First came the days...

Back to School Tips and Tricks

It is hard to plan for something that is so uncertain. For my sanity I really would like to keep my kids all on the same platform whether that is in class, virtual through...

Social distancing for the social butterfly

  There is not a day goes by when my 12 year old is not hanging out with her friends. Whether she is taking a hike, playing basketball or studying for a test, she is...

Without Grandpa

As a child my dad use to say "upside down" while lifting us up by one leg, "fudge cake" while bouncing us up side down... nearly giving us a concussion on the floor below,...

Healthful Back To School Lunches Made Easy

Back to school is a very emotional time of year for our family. We are all sad that summer is coming to an end, and that the new school year is starting. Which ultimately...

Making Memorable Birthdays, Inexpensively

My children have celebrated 32 combined birthdays. This wasn't always easy for me as I don't celebrate my own birthday. In fact if you wish me a Happy Birthday you will likely be black...

Parenting with PTSD

Can you pinpoint the moment you became a person you were never meant to be? The moment your life was thrown off course? I will spare you the details of my moment however we...

So Much More

Everyone has heard that having a baby changes your life. But what about having a niece or nephew? When my nephew was born I had already had all three of my children. And I...

Team Leprechaun

In our house, we are team leprechaun. We celebrate St Patrick's day will full gusto. We are Irish and we always wore green but we never went all out until my son was in...