Jessie is a 30 year old mother of 3. Her and her husband were married in 2005, when she was just 18! Following their marriage they quickly filled their house with laughter in 2006 Alexander was born, then followed by Grace in 2008 and Mckenzie in 2010. In the early years of motherhood she decided her efforts were best spent at home. In 2016 , when McKenzie entered the public school system, Jessie returned to work as a full time nanny. While she finds both motherhood and being a nanny rewarding; she also enjoys the arts of cooking and photography.

Not a Movement

Our house doesn't participate in high stakes tests like the PSSAs. Every year we get shamed by parents, patted on the back by teachers and hassled by administration.  But the truth is it was...

Mommie’s little Thorn

Mom,  From the moment I blessed this world I have been a thorn in your side. Born at just over 4 lbs I required round the clock feedings which is no easy task for a...

3 Quick Tips for Parents Visiting Children’s Hospital

For the past 6 years, there have been times where we have practically lived at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. At times our doctors didn't have all of the answers, and at times our wait...

I heart my shoes

When my oldest children were in preschool, there was a little girl, and she would always come to school in clothes that didn't match ...sometimes even two different shoes. It was something that I...

Dear Baby

To my last baby,  This morning at 5:36 am you turned eight years old. I am not sure how this happened; I tried not to blink. But still I missed it. As a stay at...

A Tradition of Our Own

At 21, everybody believes they are an adult and have the world figured out. Add a marriage, and not 1... but 2 children and a 3rd on the way... of course, I was the...

Thankful Four

It's that time of year again...where everywhere you go someone is always asking What are you thankful for? Most adults are thankful for one thing... their family. A new addition, a healthy parent, a...

Craft :: Tree of Gratitude

In early 2014, our family lost our home in a devastating fire. Less than 8 months later we were celebrating the holidays in a brand new home, with that we wanted brand new traditions....