Katie Casey

A current resident of Shaler Township, Katie works as an artist for the company Yaymaker, spreading creative joy around the Pittsburgh Area. Katie is married to her best friend Kevin (10 years and going strong) and together they have 2 amazing girls. Mackenzie 10, and Penelope 4. Katie takes pride in her family being Pittsburgh Penguin fans, and enjoys going to games with her husband and children. During her free time, you can catch Katie in her garden, or at the park with her girls. As a new blogger, Katie hopes to show some of the realism of mom life, offer some candid advice, and maybe a laugh or two, to brighten your day.

The Talk

I have been a mother for 11 years.  I remember the day she was born.  This beautiful baby girl merged into this world, and I was smitten.  Reading all the baby books was a...

Mental Health Awareness Month

  It's really amazing how things can change your life so drastically, especially when you least expect it.  The year was 2011. I was working at a restaurant at the time, and was fairly young...

You are valued

I consider myself a stay at home mom, even though I work part time (2-3 days a week).  My husband and I both agreed early on that one of us would sacrifice our job...

It’s that time of year

Welcome 2020!  I'm speaking for myself, and half the world when I say I'm looking forward to this year.  Like a lot of us, we do this little ditty called a new year's resolution....

Let’s get ready to rumble

This is it, the moment you've been waiting for.  When you see the two blue lines clear as day on your pregnancy test you are overjoyed.  This is exactly what you have wanted for...

What I have Learned in my 10 years of Marriage

Now, I'm no love expert.  By no means do I have any educational title to even allow me to give advice to anyone on love, or marriage, but I wanted to share my experience. ...

The Anxious Momma

Being a mom is hard.  Not like "training for the Pittsburgh marathon hard", but "having someone depend on you day and night for the rest of your life" hard.  I always wanted to be...