Lanae Lumsden

Lanae is lifelong Pittsburgh resident with a brief stint in Ohio for her high school and middle school years. Most of her life she lived in Wilkinsburg but recently became a resident of the north boroughs. Lanae holds an associates’ degree in fashion merchandising and a bachelor’s degree in business management. After college, Lanae, entered the insurance and financial services industry by becoming a licensed agent and a claims specialist. Lanae also is an advocate for cloth diapering and baby wearing. Through her website she offers information and sources offering cloth diapering to all women and families in need. With two boys and 3 girls ranging in ages from 18- 2 most of her time is spent traveling to ballet lessons, band practice, and cello lessons. Also, two of her children are special needs and require various appointments and therapy. When there is time left, she enjoys writing, sewing and cooking. She is currently finishing up her first novel with more already in the works. With a love for travel, Lanae and her family have been to 5 different Caribbean islands and 2 countries in South America. So, look to hear more about the organized chaos that is traveling with 5 kids.

Educational Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays. Gasp, I know. Especially in my neighborhood where the spooky décor can rival that of a screenshot from Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. I also kind...

The Gift

I went to buy a gift for my boy I asked the clerk show me his best toy He scoffed, and said "this one’s his" A brown box, that’s it? He gave it to me and I took...

The Gentrification Of Natural Parenting

With my oldest child being 19 and the youngest recently turning 3, I have witness a revolution in baby gear. I mean who doesn’t love new things that help make life with the littles...

A letter to my daughters

Last week my youngest daughter cried because I put her hair in an Afro. She said people would make fun of her. My oldest wrote and essay on how at times her skin tone...

How to be an International Jet Setter with Kids, kinda.

What do you give kids that have everything? Memories. A little over a year ago we were taking down our Christmas tree and trying to make room for the kids Christmas boon. When I...

Being Colorblind Is Not An Option

So often lately in this conflicted world we live in I hear people say “We are not racist, I teach my children to be colorblind”. While I respect your good intentions, let me explain...


A dull pain slowly awakens me. Under my hip is a metal toy car. And in the waistband of my pants 5 little toes are being kept warm. I slept in those pants, Too tired to remove them...

Glass House Parenting

               A few months ago, I saw a video being shared of a boy kicking his mother in the mall because she did not do what he wanted. ...

The Mommy Black Market

Deep in the dark web or perhaps your local BST lies a place that is full of fairytales and unicorns.  Yes, Virginia there are Santa Claus leggings.  Welcome to The Mommy Black Market.  A...