Lauren Kail

I am a wife of an amazing husband and mother of one (so far!) sweet, sweet, daughter. I have a passion for encouragement, fitness and connecting with others in serving our community. I am a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, a wellness advocate, an educator for safer personal care with Beautycounter, and part of an amazing team of people at SWEAT Pgh in the South Hills (cycle, yoga and barre). I am so blessed and thankful to have the opportunity to minister to all walks in the community in the realm of health and wellness. We encourage and build community in the way we move our bodies, to what we put in our bodies, to what we put on our bodies.

What’s Diastasis Recti and What Do I Do if I Have it?

All the bliss and the beauty of motherhood is well worth it!! But there are quite a few things that stay in the shadows...The body takes a LOT on this journey of growing a...

Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Fam (love, a fit-minded mama)

I don't think Christmas would be the same for my family without the beloved stocking. There's something magical and exciting about digging into the goodies of a stocking. Even if it's something so "everyday"...

The Ever-Evolving WHY in Our Lives

What drives you? What motivates you? What is your WHY for being you and doing what you do? The beautiful thing is that it is different for everyone. That's what makes the good in this...

Stave Off Fitness Fads with These Essentials

It's summer. And, if you are like me, your calendar is slammed with out-of-town guests, trips, weddings, you name it. If you work full-time, part-time, are a stay-at-home mom (or are just a human...

The FIT Principle and Why it Matters

The FIT Principle is a tool used to keep tabs on your exercise program. This is super exciting! Only you can make changes to your personal wellness plan (in light of the FIT principle) and...

Postnatal Exercise: What is Diastis Recti?

Postnatal exercise. Getting back in the groove after baby. Ah, yes, we all envisioned this to be a certain way. Easy, perhaps. If you are as I was, you are anxious about moving again....

The Daily Grind: Carving Out Time

The daily grind is real. Truly real. Add all the expectations of the world around us, and life can become a hectic mess! Trying to live up to this standard and that standard (not...

Be in the Moment

It's safe to say we all, conciously or subconsiously, have thought about or are continually forward-looking to the "next thing". We want the pieces to fit nicely together. It gives a sense of accomplishment...