Liz Hawkins

Liz, who grew up in New Castle, PA, is the only female resident of her family’s Cranberry Township home. This boy mom actually enjoys being severely outnumbered by her husband Adam, their 5 year old Miles, and even her male dog and cat. She frequently claims that there are definite perks to being the “lady of the house”. Liz studied Secondary Education/English at Clarion University where she also earned her Masters of Curriculum and Instruction. She puts her degrees to good use as a high school English teacher. Though it’s sometimes difficult to juggle her career and motherhood, she can’t imagine her life without either role. When Liz isn’t teaching or relaxing with her guys at home, she can typically be found reading, working out, adding items to her Amazon Prime wishlist, listening to 90’s hip hop, cooking, or planning her family’s next vacation.

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