Marie Chir

Marie, a native of Pittsburgh, is a career Nanny with over a decade of experience. She been with her current nanny family for nearly 8 years in Fox Chapel. She is also a Pre-K teacher at a local preschool. Her podcast, sheNANNYgans is heard in 40 countries! She is a 2007 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Writing. She is 36 and currently resides in Shaler. Marie spends her days creating various activities for her nanny kids and students. Activities range from messy crafts to educational games. She feels very passionately that children learn best through play. She loves being silly with her nanny kids and students! She appreciates every day knowing she has the greatest job(s) in the world! She makes a point to explore the city of Pittsburgh with her nanny kids and utilize its wonderful resources. Throughout the year, she will travel to museums, landmarks, playgrounds, and tourist attractions. She feels the kids should know and appreciate where they live. Plus, Pittsburgh is an amazing city with a complex history and continual metamorphosis. Marie is Dog Mom to her corgi, Butters. She loves coffee, The Simpsons, and jamming to early 2000s pop music. She is a proud auntie to her adorable 5 year old niece and 2 year old nephew. She may not have any children of her own, however, she has many “nieces and nephews” now that her friends are having children.

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