Patricia Nicolas

Tricia is a mama to two bright and beautiful girls who keep her laughing every day. She is also the owner and head photographer at Viva Portraits ( She has lived in Pittsburgh her whole life and met her husband while studying art at the University of Pittsburgh. Tricia has worn many professional hats including advertising sales, graphic design, and even veterinary technician. In 2010 after her first daughter was born she found her true calling in custom photography of babies, children and families, and never looked back.

Talking to Your Preschooler About Death

I was in my basement doing laundry when I heard my three year old Izzy upstairs talking to someone. When I came up and asked her about it she said she was talking to...
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Dress For Success : How to Ease Transition Resistant Kids Into Weather Appropriate Clothing

We either have a child like this or have seen one in public... here's the scene... it's an unusually chilly Spring day in Pittsburgh and you are shivering in your hoodie at the park...