Rachel Moody

A Pittsburgh native, Rachel has spent just enough time living in other places to know that her heart is in the Steel City. She is mom to three young kids, including a set of twins. Rounding out the Moody household is her husband and their senior dog (and first “baby”). Rachel works full time in corporate communications, balancing her career with a family life that includes Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, dance, swimming, riding lessons and, of course, soccer. She looks forward to one day finding time to read more, cook things that aren’t frozen and learn how to use her DSLR camera in manual mode. Right now, though, she’ll settle for catching a non-kids’ TV show, take-out pizza and an IPA.

Saying Goodbye to a Furry Family Member

Like many of you, my first “baby” was covered in fur. My husband (fiance at the time) and I adopted her from the shelter when she was just an eight-week-old puppy—love at first sight...

Happy Bring Your Kids to Work Day!

All across the country today, working moms and dads will have some very special helpers as workplaces welcome their employee’s kids to visit for Take your Son or Daughter to Work Day. Originally founded...

Leprechaun Visits: For the Love of Shamrocks, Who Authorized These?

This is an important pre-St. Patrick’s Day Public Service Announcement for new elementary school parents. If you have a child in kindergarten or first grade, listen up. Preschool parents, you may want to tune...


It wasn’t until the day after Valentine’s Day that I had a chance to sit down and look through my kids’ school Valentine’s cards. They are in kindergarten and second grade. The bags and...

Momcation: When a Girls’ Night Out Isn’t Enough

On the heels of the mid-January deep freeze, I, like many of you, am daydreaming about summer. With my hands wrapped around my laptop for warmth, I sit wrapped in a blanket, exploring virtual...

Did That Really Just Happen? A Holiday Survival Guide for Ridiculous Situations

I know we try to keep it clean here at Pittsburgh Moms Blog, but hear me out for a minute… You see, we were dealt a really crappy hand the other evening. Literally. While I...