Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight is a mother of five children, wife of her college sweetheart and companion to her numerous household pets, as well as a resident of the South Hills of Pittsburgh. She holds two degrees from Duquesne University: A Master's in English Literature and BS in Business Management. Growing up as an only child, Sarah has faced many challenges raising a large family. Raising children (the youngest being highly energetic twin 4 year olds) has provided many lessons in parenting, patience and life. She is an aspiring writer who is now finally able to put pen to paper, as her kiddos are a little bit older. As a stay at home mom, living on a single income, Sarah is always finding new ways to keep the family on a budget. She is an avid runner, and has run five half marathons and will be running the Pittsburgh half this May. She loves learning new things, whether experimenting with cooking, making home decor or gardening. Follow her writings at or @wicklowwildflower on Facebook.

Norwex Cleaning Products: An Environmentally and Economic Friendly Alternative for Home Cleaning

Every mom wants to make her home cleaner. Every mom battles with finger prints, dog fur, dust, crumbs-- the list goes on indefinitely. Having five kids, two dogs and one cat has made household...

Stop Drowning in the Paper that Kids Bring Home from School… Every. Single. Day.

I have 5 school aged kids. 5 kids lugging home crafts, projects, tests, photos, notebooks, and journals from school. 5 kids needing forms signed, tests reviewed, homework checked. Even in this digital age, there are...

Runners: A Sign of Spring in the Pittsburgh Landscape

Although 'Ground hog Phil' saw his shadow on Groundhog's Day, and accordingly we are 'supposed' to have six more weeks of winter--there is one definitive sign of spring--runners breaking from their winter hibernation to...

Healthy Restart for Mornings

Now that my kids are back to school and we have adjusted to our new school routine, I have begun to make changes to their breakfast menu-- specifically I have started eliminating the sugary...

936 Saturdays

There are about 936 Saturdays to spend with your baby until he/she turns 18--from birth to when he/she is legally an adult--and possibly off to college and/or out of the house. 936 Saturdays. Factor...

A Family Outing at White Oak Park

My family loves going to parks and loves exploring different areas of the city. But being a South Hills resident, I often don't explore the other areas of the city and let the tunnels...

Marcia, Marcia Marcia: The Misunderstood Middle Child

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" -- Jan Brady, the middle and often cantankerous daughter from the long running 70's television series, The Brady Bunch  However, Jan Brady is more than an iconic character, she has become the...

Letting Go of Mother’s Day Sadness

Mother's Day has been a struggle for me since I was sixteen. Two days after my 16th birthday, my mom lost her battle with cancer. And this event was extraordinarily difficult on me, not...

Mother of Steel: How Running Has Made Me a Better Mother

"You have five kids, how do you have time to run?" This is a question I get from almost everyone I meet. And my response is, "I make time."   I was never a runner in my...

Recipe :: Guacamole Dip

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