Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight is a mother of five children, wife of her college sweetheart and companion to her numerous household pets, as well as a resident of the South Hills of Pittsburgh. She holds two degrees from Duquesne University: A Master's in English Literature and BS in Business Management. Growing up as an only child, Sarah has faced many challenges raising a large family. Raising children (the youngest being highly energetic twin 4 year olds) has provided many lessons in parenting, patience and life. She is an aspiring writer who is now finally able to put pen to paper, as her kiddos are a little bit older. As a stay at home mom, living on a single income, Sarah is always finding new ways to keep the family on a budget. She is an avid runner, and has run five half marathons and will be running the Pittsburgh half this May. She loves learning new things, whether experimenting with cooking, making home decor or gardening. Follow her writings at or @wicklowwildflower on Facebook.

A Perfect Family Outing at South Park

Spring is here! Warmer weather signals that my kiddos are out of hibernation mode and ready for outdoor exploration and activities. Tired and bored with the confines of indoor games, they are eager to...

Teens and Screens: The Making of a Perfect Storm

Encyclopedia Britannica, home phones, mixed tapes--these are the things I remember from my teenage years. Now my teens have google, smart phones, ipads. Has there been much of a change in the raising of a...

Raising Teenagers: The Myth of Raging Hormones

There is a teenager living in your household--and it is like living through a reverse caterpillar-butterfly life cycle. As a young child, your offspring was like a beautiful butterfly: your concerns were keeping your...

First Generation American: Questions of Legacy and Identity

Legacy: this is the concept that has been haunting me this St. Patrick's Day. What is the legacy I am leaving to my children? Forget the materialism and possessions that crowd our lives, but what...

Redshirting: Why I am Waiting an Extra Year to Send My Child to Kindergarten

I am horrible at making decisions. It doesn't matter if they are big, important decisions or small, seemingly insignificant decisions,  I struggle equally with both. Examples: My oldest child came home from the hospital...

Sunny Bridge Natural Foods and Cafe: Providing Healthy Choices for the Modern Family

"You only get one mind and one body. And it's got to last a's what you do right now, today, that determines how your mind and body will operate ten, twenty, thirty years...

Mom’s Taxi Cab Confessions

This is my minivan. These are my children. Count them: one, two, three, four, five. Five siblings in one minivan. Five siblings who are involved in a slew of different activities, which means we spend most...

Triple Chocolate Cake

Melt your family's hearts with this decadent dessert