Teresa Glasgow

Teresa G is a work at home mom of three boys, ages 3, 4, and 2 months. She has been happily married to her husband Gus for 7 years. She and her family currently reside in the Slippery Rock area, where she has been a longtime resident. Teresa has bachelor’s degrees in both Dance and Professional writing from Slippery Rock University. She has worked in many different fields over the years - dance teacher, aerobics instructor, swim teacher, and most recently, documentation specialist and content manager for a local software company. Currently, she works for The Hillman Center for Performing Arts at Shady Side Academy, and as a freelance writing professional and content manager for a variety of clients in several different industries. Teresa and her family spend much of their time outdoors, being active, and you can often find them in their “Little Boat” on Lake Arthur, or in the “Big Bass Boat” at Lake Erie. In her spare time, Teresa loves to practice yoga, run, and read anything she can get her hands on.
Cloth diapers laid in a circle sorted by color

Our Cloth Diapering Saga – The Condensed Version

I never pictured myself as “crunchy” momma. In fact, at some point in my life, I may have labeled those baby-wearing, cloth-diapering mommas as hippies. Then I became a mom. I started cloth diapering my...
Wooden tiles spell out "save" on a pile of dollar bills

#FinanceFriday: Baby on a Budget

With the news of a third child on the way after 4 years, my husband and I are, of course, thinking about all things baby right now. One of the things at the top...
The #financefriday golden pig

#financefriday – What to Do with Your Tax Refund

It's that time of year again: tax season. In fact, in less than a month, your taxes are due. (Insert look of horror here). Tax pro tip - if you'd like to avoid the...

Tools for the Hard-working Mommy: Let’s Get Organized!

Are you a working mom? Are you a freelancing mom? Are you a mom trying to keep up with life without using the right tools? Then this post is just for you. As a work-at-home,...
The #financefriday golden pig

#financefriday: Budgeting for Fun on One Income

Happy Finance Friday! As a follow up to my budgeting post, Financially Fit in 2018: A Guide to Becoming Budget Saavy, we’ve decided to add #financefriday to the Pittsburgh Moms Blog agenda. Send me your...
Pennies spilled from a glass vase

Financially Fit in 2018: A Guide to Becoming Budget Savvy

When was the last time you looked at what you spend in a month? Do you have a budget, but you're not really sticking to it? Maybe you know you’re overspending and want to...
Police tape in portrait form with emergency lights in the background

From The Mama Bear Files: Protecting Your Family In an Active Shooter Situation

I’ve come to the conclusion in recent months that I can’t protect my children. After many dreams (nightmares) involving situations where one or both of my children were involved, I’ve spent hours thinking about...
Child reaching for Christmas ornaments on Christmas tree

A Minimalist Christmas to Remember: Making Memories, Not Clutter

Last Christmas my husband and I decided to cut back a little. In fact, we said no gifts for anyone except our children, and our nieces and nephews. We felt the holidays had gotten...