Summer is for playing outside, staying up late, swimming and adventure. If your family is anything like ours, what we’re making for dinner is not something we want to think about every night, especially if we’re outside having fun....
Need a new crockpot recipe? Here is one of our favorites: Cream Cheese Chicken Ingredients: 3 lbs chicken breasts (I use frozen) 2 T butter 1 packet Italian seasoning mix 8 oz. cream cheese 2 cans cream of mushroom soup Directions: Place chicken, butter, and Italian seasoning mix...
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Shout out to these fellow Pittsburgh bloggers who know what's up when it comes to doing breakfast right. I'm not talking about chocolate cake or candy bars. I'm talking about breakfast recipes that are simple, healthy AND include chocolate,...
  We’ve all done it. We’re out running errands with the kids when things suddenly take a turn for the worse when everyone starts getting cranky and irritable due to hunger. We stop at the nearest fast food restaurant, hoping...
An all natural, no fail sweet treat to satisfy your craving without compromising your healthy lifestyle. #WeArePMB #PittsburghMomsBlog #recipes

Triple Chocolate Cake

Melt your family's hearts with this decadent dessert  

Raisin Puff Cookies

  A tasty alternative to chocolate chip cookies, raisin puffs satisfy a sweet tooth without as much guilt! #WeArePMB #PittsburghMomsBlog #PMB #Recipes  
  Decadent potato soup from scratch, in less time than you think to make it. No pressure cooker required. #WeArePMB #PittsburghMomsBlog #Recipes

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Top 7 Pittsburgh Area Date Nights

For 2023 my husband and I decided on one of my favorite New Year’s resolutions yet—Monthly Date night!!! My parents live local to us...