Five Reasons to Consider an All-girls School for Your Daughter


Choosing a school for your daughter can be a daunting task. As a parent, you want to find a place where she’ll feel challenged and engaged—but also supported, nurtured, and comfortable as she matures and grows. Luckily for you (and your daughter), all-girls schools provide that environment and more. At an all-girls school, your daughter will gain the skills she needs to thrive at home, at school, and in the world. She’ll learn practical skills that will teach her to communicate effectively, problem-solve strategically, and not only set goals—but achieve them. Here are five reasons why an all-girls school is the perfect fit for your daughter.

1. She will be cared for

Friends become family, and school becomes a second home for students at all-girls schools. The bonds formed within and between classes, and between girls and teachers make students feel nurtured, comfortable, and supported as they develop and grow. Every step of the way, faculty members are committed to teaching girls how they learn best in an environment that is safe, positive, and collaborative. Many are also experts in their fields, and hold master’s and postdoctoral degrees which imbue their students with the same fervor for learning that they hold themselves. From interdisciplinary activities to team challenges to vent sessions about last night’s Grey’s Anatomy, the community environment at an all-girls school allows faculty and students to problem solve, innovate, and create together.

2. She will have the confidence to succeed

Whether it’s on the field, in the classroom, or on the stage, a girl’s confidence in her abilities is the key to her success. By giving girls positions of power, letting them lead, and giving them freedom to make their own choices, they grow up to be confident, ambitious, and successful leaders and trailblazers. At an all-girls school, your daughter will be taught real-life, practical skills—like negotiation, conflict resolution, and public speaking—from experienced faculty members who are versed in teaching girls. She’ll be self-assured and unapologetic about what she wants, and unafraid to take risks and fail along the way. At an all-girl school, she’ll develop her voice and use it to advocate on behalf of herself and others.

3. She will be challenged academically

A study by Richard Holmgren, Ph.D. for the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools found that “nearly 80 percent of girls’ school students report most of their classes challenge them to achieve their full potential.” This number compares to 72 percent of girls in coed independent schools and 44 percent of girls in coed public schools. Girls thrive when the classroom, curriculum, and teaching style is tailored specifically to them. In environments where girls’ brainpower takes center stage, girls are challenged by their teachers and peers to delve into new material, untangle complex problems, and innovate creatively and collaboratively.

4. She will have the skills to become a leader

It doesn’t matter if she arrives in kindergarten or in ninth grade—your daughter will be taught leadership skills at an all-girls school that will stay with her forever. She will learn to use her voice without fear of judgement, raise her hand with confidence, and speak without interruption. She will understand the value and importance of working independently and alongside her peers, and in the process be surrounded by strong female mentors who will guide her every step of the way. She’ll know when she’s the right person to step in and take charge, and when it’s best for her to take a step back and let someone else lead the way. She’ll develop grit through failure and persistence in the face of adversity, and realize that a few stumbles along the way only mean a fresh start.

5. She will be a member of a cohort of powerful females

As a graduate of an all-girls school, your daughter will be welcomed into an exclusive network comprised of strong, empowered women, who know the power in being women together. Once she receives her diploma, the benefits of her all-girls education won’t stop, rather they will only multiply as she is supported, mentored, and challenged by women who have her back. Having all attended the same school, these women know firsthand the transformative power of an all-girls education, and they’re committed to keeping that legacy alive for years to come.

Girls receive all of these benefits and experiences at Pittsburgh’s only age 3 to grade 12 all-girls school: The Ellis School. This academically rigorous, urban, college-preparatory school located in Pittsburgh’s East End serves a diverse student population from 68 zip codes and 35 school districts in and around Allegheny County. At Ellis, girls take risks, work collaboratively, ask questions, and pursue their dreams. To learn more, complete an inquiry form or call 412-275-5656.

This sponsored post is brought to you in connection with our partnership with The Ellis School.


  1. Since it’s almost time for my daughter to start 1st grade, we have been wondering if it would be a good idea to send her to an all girls catholic school. So thanks for pointing out that this type of education will give her chances to be a leader and help her gain confidence. Since we want her to have these skills throughout the rest of her life, we will be sure to send our daughter to an all girls catholic school.

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