Get Ready to Run: Your Beginner Guide to Start Running Today!


Running has wonderful benefits for your overall health. Improved mood, more confidence, and less stress are just to name a few. It can also help aid in the prevention of disease, depression, and helps manage a healthy weight. If running is on your list of goals this year keep reading to make it happen!


First consult with your doctor and make sure it’s right for you. If he gives you the green light, awesome! While fancy equipment isn’t needed to get started, it is important to have a comfortable pair of running shoes. Once you have your running shoes, pick where you’d like to run. Check out our guide for trails around Pittsburgh if you’re not into running around your neighborhood. Tracks are another great place to run because they’re easier on the knees and to track how far you’ve gone. Also be sure to keep water close by because you will need it!

Take it easy on yourself especially in the beginning. If you do too much, too soon you will burn out and deem that running is not for you. I have done this a few times. Start with a simple run and build from there. If you realize you love it and want to keep growing, download an app that tracks your distance and  calories burned to give you an idea of what you’ve done and how to set your goal for next time.  Here is an awesome source with a beginner runners workout. If building strength for running is a goal for you here is another source that highlights strength training moves that not only makes you stronger, but a faster runner as well.

If you feel that running isn’t for you, that’s okay! The next best thing you can do is walking. Walking is low impact but still provides benefits to your health. One of my favorite things about both running and walking is, you get to be outside breathing fresh air. I don’t run a lot, but when I do I really look forward to that part. If you need more motivation on getting started here some other posts I have written to help moms get in shape. 

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Don’t let intimidation stop you from hitting your goals this year! You now have a beginners workout for running and can get started today. When you start your running journey keep your safety in mind by running in well lit areas and out of traffic. Always get the okay from the doctor first, and have fun! Your body will thank you for the positive changes you make!

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