New Year, New Look: Recreate Trendy Looks With What’s In Your Closet


As the holidays wrap up, many of us are left a few pounds heavier and a few dollars short but still want to step out in style or try a new look for the New Year. Only, being on a post-holiday recovery budget can put a damper on a huge shopping spree so this is where getting creative comes into play. As busy moms, we tend to stuff all of our cute clothes (or the things that no longer fit) in the back of our closets telling ourselves “I have no place to wear this anymore”. Instead, we resign ourselves to our everyday sweats, leggings or yoga pants as our go to looks, but honey, who said you can’t look fabulous while running errands or picking the kids up from school? If you’re looking to change things up a bit, take another look in your closet (or your best friend’s closet) and at some of these staple pieces which most of us already have at home. Here are a few ideas to help you put some stylish and trendy twists on everyday basics using what you may already have in your closet.

Jeans/T Shirt


Here’s an idea to take your denim and basic tee up a level. Grab a button-down blouse to wear over your tee and pair with riding boots and a trendy pea coat.


Lounge wear

You can easily cheat your way through a Zoom call or an afternoon of errands by jazzing up your lounge wear or even those cozy pj’s you just don’t feel like changing out of that day. It’s as simple as adding a cute jacket, some jewelry and a cute pair of booties.


Little Black Dress

The LBD doesn’t always have to be a cocktail number. A t-shirt dress is very versatile and can be dressed up or down. Throw on a chunky scarf and some cute flats and you’re good to go. This can also be worn over a pair of workout leggings or any leggings for that matter which is a bonus in my book.


Skirts and Tops

So many endless options here, but a great place to start is a simple pencil skirt. A great Winter look that works for both the workplace and a night out is a cute flannel shirt layered over an undershirt and paired with a sassy pair of pumps or cute boots.


Never underestimate the power of accessories. One great accessory, or two, and a little bit of confidence can take a simple outfit and turn it into a great one.

Happy New Year and Stay Beautiful XOXO


  1. Love all your ideas but I was wondering if you You have any fashion ideas for gorgeous grandmas and great grandma???
    Also fashion tips for big girls who are fashionistas???
    You’re awesome brandy keep the tips coming.

    • Hi Patricia! Any grandma can be a “Glamma” no matter what her age and these style ideas/tips work for all ages and body types even my curvy babes. You can still pair figure flattering jackets/coats with certain styles, chunky scarves during winter months and pretty, light weight scarves in the warmer months. Now, I understand that not all my “seasoned” aged ladies prefer super high heels and that’s okay so these outfits can be worn with cute flats, a low heeled boot or a casual sneaker.

    • AJ, People underestimate accessories but they really can completely change the look of an outfit and take an ensemble from blah to WOW.


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