Connect Your Mind and Body with Yoga: Beginner Friendly Tips Inside!


Yoga has been a wonderful addition to my life. With some major life changes happening over the past and future months, it’s nice to have something to keep me centered between it all. From the self proclaimed, “Busy Bee”, I promise being busy with no balance leads to burnout. That is one of my favorite benefits of yoga, no matter how busy you may be, getting on the mat frees you from that overwhelmed feeling even if it is for a short time. 

Practicing yoga can help you train your mind to calm down even during stressful times. As with anything it does take practice. I highly encourage you to give a sincere try no matter how hard it is to sit still and try to think of nothing but connecting your breath with your movements. It will seem different at first but staying committed will bring you results that you’ll fall in love with. I suggest starting with a beginners challenge or program doing at least 21 days to see true results but you’ll see some far before that 21st day. I’ll be sharing links to where I began with my practice below. 

Since I’ve started my journey I’ve progressed to a form of yoga I love called, Buti Yoga. It’s an amazing hybrid of yoga with tribal dance and body sculpting movements. I’m going to certify in April and start my 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Training). I’m so excited to start this new journey and help other moms like myself find peace. If the normal vinyasa flow is a little too slow for you I highly recommend giving Buti Yoga a try. 

If taking it slow is where you want to start this is awesome website for that, Daily Om. It has an amazing 21 Day beginners course that I enjoyed and even gifted to a good friend. Everything is at your pace and you have the option to pay what your budget allows. I thought that was a really nice option for them to have. Another great place to start is YouTube, there are so many options and it’s really simple to find a video that fits your schedule. Here is a link to beginner yoga playlists that can help you get started today, Beginner Yoga Playlist YouTube.

If you feel like you’re always busy and that you never have time to yourself, yoga is a great thing to add into your life. Not only will you be more flexible and strong physically but mentally as well. You can do it in your home or anywhere you’d like and even include your little ones in on the fun. There is also prenatal yoga for the up and coming first time mommies. This is one of my favorite forms of self care because of all the benefits that come with it. Have you ever done yoga before? For the moms that do yoga, what do you love about it the most? Comment below and share for someone who is looking for a little peace in their life.