Fall Into Fitness This Season! Time Saving Tips and Tricks


Or treats? I’d definitely call this post a treat because you will find valuable, effective, time saving tips on getting in shape this season! 


Fall is my favorite season. It’s a  beautiful, the temperature is amazing, and let’s not forget pumpkin and apple flavored everything. We make awesome memories at pumpkin patches and other fun autumn activities. This time also brings back routine in our lives from the summer fun. It’s really hard to dedicate time to fitness when your schedule is all over the place. School is back, some are back to work and we have a better idea of the time we have to work with. Here are some time saving tips to help you fall into fitness this year! 

  • Be honest with about the time you are willing to commit. If it’s only 10 minutes a day that’s great. Your fitness journey is yours, no one else’s. It’s easy to compare and try to fit in things that don’t work with what’s happening right now. Example, when I first committed to getting in shape I said I would do 4 days a week one hour per day. Great intentions, but hard to do with my busy lifestyle. It was then I found fast effective workouts are better for me because of the time I was willing to commit.


  • Find the time, then make the time. This step requires action. Think about your weekly schedule, and the things you are committed to now and see if there are opportunities where you can fit some exercise in. It’s good to factor in things like sleep, kid schedules, and work. Doing so can help prevent missed workouts.  Morning workouts work best for me, however I know some people prefer later in the day. 


  • Do what you like. It’s just as easy to fall out of fitness as it is to get started. There are a lot of ways to exercise. Yoga, weight lifting, dance fitness are just a few of my favorites. Running, walking, and boxing are other options in exercise and the list can go on. If you aren’t sure of what you like, try it out. Always consult with your doctor prior too and don’t be afraid to experience something new. A great place to begin is taking a class. Classes give you opportunities to try things out with no commitment. 


  •  Stay consistent in your goals. Things happen. It’s always okay to take a break. Picking up where you left off is the key to making a healthy choice become a lifestyle. You can do this by following each of the tips above. They create a great plan for you that works for you. Life can be hard and it seems when we decide to make new choices there is more resistance than if  we were to continue what we were doing. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. I love morning workouts, but I have done evening sessions if things didn’t go as planned.

I pray this helps gives you insight on your decision on making fitness a part of your life this season. There are so many health benefits including protecting us from the winter blues. If you have no time to get to the gym or a local class here is a 15 minute workout you can do from home. 


Jumping Jacks


Glute Bridges

Plank (Knees or Elbows)

Do each move for 1 minute with a 1 minutes rest in between sets creating 3 sets 5 minutes a set.

If you are short on time but love to try yoga here are my favorite poses to start the day.


Mountain Pose

Hands At Heart

Forward Fold

Downward Facing Dog



Cat Cow

Child’s Pose

Try and hold each move for 30 seconds, do 2 or 3 rounds for a longer flow.  Rest at the end for a brief moment and reflect on how you feel.

Do you have an effective way you fit fitness in your life? Share in the comments, you never know who you may help with your own tips!