Get Your Motivation Back With This Simple Tip


I often see and ask this question myself. The question is, ” How do I get my motivation back?”

That is the million dollar question. How do we get it back? I often look at past pictures and wonder where did all my motivation go. As I was thinking about this, I came to a great realization. I found my motivation again by joining a challenge. I jump started my weight loss journey with a meal prep challenge and it’s made a huge difference, 70 lbs worth.

After a terrible stint of sickness at my house, winter blues, and a simple lack of motivation for myself I didn’t know how to get back on the motivation train. This all changed when I started a challenge with a fellow friend online that was based around us being in shape for our birthdays. Then the light switch went off. I get my motivation back by joining challenges. I’m currently in a yoga challenge right now and I love it!

My tip for you to get your motivation back is to join a challenge! It could be about clean eating, drinking more water, or working out. Whatever you need help with, there’s a challenge out there for you. Check out Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for some inspiration or to find one you can join. Instagram is a great place for challenges, you have to use pictures for proof so you’re more inclined and motivated to participate. There’s an amazing feeling that comes with doing something with others even if it’s online. You may be skeptical because like me, in the past you’ve given up on things, but the drive a challenge with others gives you is electrifying. It’s a great way to grow your tribe, too.

All challenges come to an end but the self confidence and efficacy you have will stay with you. Another bonus is if you fall off the motivation train, you can always do another one. I just signed up for another one in March. I’m starting to see that I thrive on challenges, it’s probably the Aries in me but I’ll take it. With that being said, what makes you thrive? I have been listening to a lot of positive mindset podcasts lately and I’ve learned that when we do what makes us thrive we are happier. That’s the goal right? Yes! 

Have you lost your motivation? Is there an area in wellness you’d like a boost in? What kind of challenge would you join? Share in the comments below, you may inspire me to create one! Share for anyone you know who needs a motivation boost!