Intentions for The New Year: A New Approach to Resolutions With A Bonus Inside!!


This past year has been quite an interesting year. With all the highs and lows, we are blessed for another year around the calendar. I’ve been enjoying a social media hiatus, giving me a lot of time to reflect and I found a new approach to resolutions. As mothers we often fill our plates until it’s so heavy we don’t realize it until we drop everything. I encourage you to approach the new year and all of your goals in a different way than the traditional result based resolutions. Turn your resolutions into feeling based intentions and watch the stress of not completing that resolution melt away. My intention for this year is TRUST. I’m learning to trust the process and all that comes with it, letting go of needing to know every step of the way. My teacher told me to find how I want to feel and then make it happen.

I also encourage you to start doing things you love, whether it’s a bubble bath, reading a book, painting or anything else that fuels your flame. Let go of the attachments to being perfect and start having compassion for yourself as you do others. Be PRESENT every moment you can, enjoying the time you do have. There is an abundance of power in self love. I firmly stand on the premise that self love is also a key component in wellness. Which is related to the awesome gift I created just for you and the moms in our PMB community. 

PMB Presents New Year New Mindset with Brittany Rose Wellness

Over the next 4 weeks we invite you to come visit every Wednesday for a 10 minute beginner yoga video and a wellness post about creating a healthy mindset for this new year. I, Brittany, will be leading the videos and writing the posts. I’m so excited to share this with you! I’ve been wondering how I can bring my love of yoga over to PMB and this is a great way to start. Are you stressed? Does anxiety keep you from enjoying life in the present? Do you need a jump start in your wellness journey? Join us over the next 4 weeks with a simple 10 minute yoga video and an inspirational read to make it happen. Our theme is #wellnesswednesday so I’ll be posting each video and post on Wednesday. This is completely FREE and a wonderful opportunity to make a healthy change in your life! 

There’s a quick video explaining what’s coming up and how to join in on the fun on our FB page! Get involved on social media by hashtagging: #newyearnewmindsetPMB and #PMBwellnesswednesday I can’t wait to see your posts, I’d love to hear how it goes.