It’s that time of year


Welcome 2020!  I’m speaking for myself, and half the world when I say I’m looking forward to this year.  Like a lot of us, we do this little ditty called a new year’s resolution. Yes, we always aim high, and January 1 we are so pumped to begin our new journey.  Some of us are hesitant to jump in, so easing into it seems more appropriate. The other half (like me) jump in full force then by the end of January we (I) quit and say “2021 will be my year”…. No it won’t.  

Let’s get real with it this year.  We all want some change, whether it’s in our personal lives, the world, our friends and family, so I think I’ve finally had a breakthrough to make this a successful year.  

Let’s start off by taking it easy on ourselves.  One thing all of us have in common is that we want more than the best, we want perfection, we want to see change immediately, but in reality, none of that can happen.  Instead of putting so much pressure on yourself, let’s take it back. Let’s ease into it. Be more kind to you. Beating yourself up on a consistent basis isn’t good for your mental health.  Start with baby steps. Once a week, do something for you, some self care. Whether it’s getting a hot bath while your husband entertains the kids, or going out with your friends for a few hours, self care is more important than you think.  It keeps us sane, and it’s a good reminder that you are taking care of yourself when you are doing something you love to do. Taking it easy on yourself also doesn’t mean to slack off. Not doing the dishes or laundry for weeks on end isn’t self care, that’s just pure laziness.  If your goal is to lose weight, a significant amount perhaps, so what if you only lose half a pound that week. Its ok, your taking steps to fix the problem, so if you aren’t seeing results immediately, no big deal, there’s no reason to quit.  

There is nothing more I would love to see is people being kind to each other.  The world today is full of so much hate that it hurts my heart, and I’m sure others as well.  Be kind, and do something kind daily. The little things count the most. Maybe putting someones shopping cart back for them, shoveling the neighbors driveway, or just sending a friend a message to see how they are doing all counts as acts of kindness.  I’ve always questioned why misery wins. There is no real sense of gratification when you treat others like crap. Those of you who have children, you want to set the best example for them, and showing them how to treat others is an amazing start to their futures, and how to interact appropriately with the public.  There is also a bonus to kindness. It can make you feel like a better person, and in return, it makes you feel good, which is a great motivator for other things in your life you are trying to achieve.  

Being charitable is also a great way to do something wonderful for other people, and yourself.  I dip myself into a few charities a year. I don’t talk about it with other people, my family knows and loves the idea that i love helping people.  I don’t want the recognition, I definitely don’t need the praise. It’s about doing what’s right. There are so many people in Pittsburgh that need help.  Whether they are out of a job, they lost their home, they cant afford to pay utility bills, the list is endless. Simple internet searches will point you in the direction on where to go, or what places need items donated.  Animal shelters need just as much help. You could volunteer to help the animals, or donate food as well.  

The moral of my story is, let’s just take it easy this year.  Let’s make it about ourselves, and others we care about. We want to do better, for us, our family, friends, this country, and it all starts with us.  We have to learn how to love more and hate less. Make some new friends, talk to people you normally wouldn’t talk to. Open the box for all possibilities this year.  Do good for you. So things are moving a little slow. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It will all piece together you just have to give it a little time, and a little breathing room.  I think 2020 could be an amazing year. Let’s just all stay focused and positive and you will see a change. I promise you that!