Norwex Cleaning Products: An Environmentally and Economic Friendly Alternative for Home Cleaning


Every mom wants to make her home cleaner. Every mom battles with finger prints, dog fur, dust, crumbs– the list goes on indefinitely. Having five kids, two dogs and one cat has made household cleaning a full-time job, which to this point, seemed like a losing battle. That is until I met Sarah Manis. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Manis, a Norwex representative and she showed me some of the ins and outs of Norwex cleaning products. I had never heard of Norwex prior to our meeting and I was impressed by her knowledge and demonstration of the products. My kiddos loved her too–they watched her use the Norwex cloths to clean various surfaces, and were so impressed that they asked if she was a magician!

Prior to meeting with Sarah, I used lots of different cleaning products from window cleaner, dusting spray, bleach, etc. I also used reams of disposable products–antibacterial wipes, baby wipes and paper towels–I was very wasteful– both in terms of the environment and my time. But Norwex changed my cleaning habits as well as my buying habits.

Being new to Norwex, Sarah suggested I start with three products–known as the household package. It included the EnviroCloth, the Window Cloth and the Dusting Mitt.

With these three products I was able to quickly and thoroughly clean my house. The EnviroCloth combines BacLock antibacterial agent with a microfiber cloth that can be used wet or dry to clean everything. I mean everything! This cloth replaced my need for all purpose cleaners and removes 99% of bacteria without using chemicals. Amazing!  With using only water, there is no need to use/purchase household cleaners. Norwex saves a typical family of four $600 per year on cleaning supplies. 

So how does Norwex Microfiber work? Most cleaning cloths are made with cotton that only push around dirt. Norwex Microfiber lifts and collects particles–leaving surfaces free from dirt, grease, dust, etc. The Micro silver in the wet cloth self-cleanses to reduce mold, fungi and bacterial odor. Your cloths and towels stay cleaner and fresher, longer–no more funky smell from your cleaning cloths. 

The Window Cloth provides an easy cleaning solution with no harmful chemicals. It is a silky, tightly woven microfiber Window cloth. Using only water, it cleans windows, mirrors and other shiny surfaces. (Sarah showed me how to use a wet Envirocloth and a dry Window Cloth to clean my windows and appliances. This works beautifully not only on windows, but also on mirrors, faucets, sinks, appliances. Here are some of the results of my cleaning experiments:

I was truly amazed to get this result with just water. 

And you know what is an added bonus? Since there are no chemicals, your children can help clean! 

My little ones loved to help. They were able to clean windows, sinks, mirrors, doors, as well dust surfaces. They had a sense of pride in their work and I had a great feeling, knowing that they could help, and that the cleaning did not rest solely on my shoulders.

The Dusting Mitt maybe my favorite product. It is thick, soft and attracts and holds dust and other allergens. The dense plush fibers keep the dust from resettling, so your home stays cleaner longer. Yay! This is a great way to clean a variety of surfaces throughout the home including those hard to dust areas. I have used it on window blinds, ceiling fans, etc. This dusting cloth can be used wet or dry. My little ones love this product. And I love that they love this product. 

There are plenty of other products available from Norwex–from laundry care (detergents that are free from phosphates, bleach and sulfates,) to body care to pet care. To view the full rage of Norwex products, see Sarah Manis’ page here.

Additionally I also experimented with Norwex’s Makeup Removal Cloth as I have been trying to eliminate the use of chemicals in my skin care routine. The cloth is super soft made of microfiber and it gently removes all makeup using only water. It is perfect for sensitive skin. Loved it! I will be buying additional cloths for my teenage daughter who loves makeup and has sensitive skin. 

To learn more about Norwex products and see how Norwex could make your life easier–contact Sarah Manis. She is available for direct sales as well as opportunities to host a party, whether in home or online Facebook parties. The host rewards program can earn LOTS of products for FREE based on amount of sales, how many buying guests and how many friends book parties too. Additionally, Norwex strives to give back and improve the environment. This month for every party hosted, Norwex will plant a tree in the host’s honor. 

Sarah Manis

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We received the products discussed in this sponsored post. But the thoughts & feelings are our own and we only share brands that we personally use & love!