Owning a Business and Being a Mom: Tips to Balance Work and Family


Some women have their business prior to kids. Or, in my case, having my daughter sparked the desire to become my own boss. Being a Mompreneur means trading in the ability to unplug after your 9-5 to working when it’s better for you and your family. In a way it can be great, while at the same time it can cause a huge imbalance with work and family life if one isn’t mindful of surroundings. This can cause unnecessary feelings of guilt and anxiety. Being a business owner and mom can be overwhelming but I’m here to share a few tips to navigate motherhood and owning your own business.


  1. Know your priorities.  Make a list and base your schedule around them. Having healthy boundaries will help keep things in order. If you feel like you’re losing family time or even you time, make them a non negotiable in your schedule.
  2. Make a schedule and stick with it as best you can. Depending on the nature of your business you should be able to make a consistent schedule that will help keep things organized. Stick with priorities and build around that. Doing so will help keep anxiety levels down because you know what to expect in some cases. Plans can get blown out of the water, however it’s nice to have a schedule to get back to. Don’t be afraid to make changes when needed. 
  3. Communication is key. I learned quickly in the beginning that communication is important to a healthy family and business. Especially when bringing your family along for a new business venture. Don’t get so wrapped up in the business that you aren’t regarding how it affects your family. This is equally important for your significant other as well. Owning a business can make or break a relationship depending on communication. It also comes into play when needing help. Speak up if help is needed. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely job and enlisting a team or building a tribe to bounce ideas off of is a great way to build a support system for you.
  4. Treat your body well by staying hydrated and eating healthy. If you’ve read any of my other post, you know I’m a huge advocate for empowering others with wellness. This ties right into being a business owner. We have to take care of ourselves before can successfully manage a business, plus you’ll be modeling healthy behavior for your children to follow. Being your own boss can mean long nights and unconventional schedules but you don’t have to sacrifice your health for success.  If you are interested in learning more about wellness, check out this post
  5. Unplug and be present with family time. Keep work during work time and unplug from work when done. Put the phone on silent and enjoy the time with your kids. Whether is 10 minutes or an hour, giving them that undivided attention is beneficial in their emotional and behavioral development. They can tell when you’re not focused on them even if you are “engaging”. It makes the time so much more meaningful. 
  6. Schedule Me Time. This should be at the top of your list. As a mom and business owner you can think of a million things to do before you take care of yourself. Let’s change that stigma by putting ourselves first. Following this tip can aid in preventing the dreaded burn out. If you’re not sure where to start with me time. Yoga, meditation, and journaling are great choices. Exercise and reading are good options as well. A nap counts as me time too, whatever you decide, just make sure you are making time for you!


Owning a business isn’t for the faint of heart, even more so with a family on top of it all. As intimidating as it may sound being a ‘Momprenuer’ has been an awesome journey. I’m doing things I love and helping people in the process. My favorite thing is that I get to work around my family’s schedule. I wouldn’t trade this for the world and I’m excited to see my businesses grow. How do you balance being your own boss and your family? Comment below and share this post for fellow #bossmoms!