Run, Dont Walk! Call Sears Carpet Cleaning Today!


We all know that having beautiful carpets in our homes day in and day out is impossible with kids and pets. We run the vacuum daily trying to ignore the stains that keep popping up from dirty shoes, wine or your toddler’s favorite past time of chucking food on the floor. I was feeling stressed out about keeping my carpets clean and saw that Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning is having a $99 dollar special! The special includes 3 areas in your home (living room, dining room, stairs, etc). I immediately called them to set up an appointment and was not disappointed!

The two carpet professionals that came to our home, Corey and Johnny, were very friendly. They arrived right on time, but our place was still not completely ready for them. My daughter was sick all night and we did not have a chance to clear the furniture or have the place not looking like a tornado ripped through it. I apologized for the chaos and they quickly reassured me that they have children themselves and totally understand! They moved the furniture  and helped me laugh about the craziness that is our home. I also learned about Corey and his family including his travels, and that Johnny has traveled and treated carpets in some amazing places (including the white house)! It truly felt like we had two friends visiting that just happened to clean our carpets.

Corey and Johnny- Sears Carpet Cleaning Professionals

They kept me informed throughout the appointment by explaining what they were doing and what products they were using. I also learned some secrets from them on how to care for our carpets and keep our home healthy for our kids. I was amazed at how clean the carpets came out, including some corners of our home with dark staining that I thought would never come off! 


I was very pleased with Sears and will continue to to use their services to keep my carpets looking great all year round. So what are you waiting for? Call Sears Carpet Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning of Pittsburgh at (412) 821-5200 and schedule an appointment!

This post is sponsored by Sears Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, but all opinions expressed and photos taken are my own.