Staying Healthy During Quarantine: 4 Tips For Creating Wellness at Home


My how fast things change, one day we’re doing the Monday – Friday shuffle between work and school. Now, many of us are homeschooling and home from work due to the quarantine from COVID19. While this huge shift in life is unexpected, it’s giving us the opportunity to look at how we are taking care of our health. People are now drastically considering health changes to boost their immunity, including myself.

I feel so blessed to have started my path to health and wellness a few years ago with my own health scare of severe migraines and constantly getting sick due to burnout. So when it became apparent we’d have to be staying home due to the virus I knew it was time to ramp up those healthy choices to give my daughter and I a chance at having a strong immune system. Here are 4 things I do to stay healthy during the quarantine.

  1. Rest without judgment– The change in routine alone can throw us off physically, mentally, and emotionally. Media has a constant loop feed of fear and can suck all the energy out without boundaries when consuming it. If you find yourself needing extra time to recharge by napping or sleeping, do so if you can. Don’t guilt yourself into feeling like everything has to be done a certain way or doing more just because you are at home. Self judgement also begins the stress response in the body and stress lowers the immune system.

2. Eat more fruits and veggies– This may seem like a no brainer but now is a great time to get on top of how we eat. With most restaurants closed or only offering take out, it gives us an opportunity to cook more meals at home that are healthy and nutritious. Eating fruits and vegetables provides a lot of the vitamins and nutrients we need to build a strong immune system. Green smoothies and salads are my favorite way to get our servings in a yummy way. My 7 year old loves smoothies and eating healthy with me. We have a smoothie almost every day.

3. Move your body consistently- If you notice you’re feeling more stressed the more you’re at home it’s good to find an exercise you like so you can move the stress out. Whether it be yoga, HIIT, pilates, etc there are various workouts you can do from home. You can find short beginner yoga flows on YouTube at Brittany Rose Wellness if you are interested in trying yoga. Stress is at all time high, especially with us being mandated at home it’s hard for us to get out and release it. Help your body by finding your flow as I like to call it and try to move your body 3-4 times a week.

4. Supplements that boost health and immunity- Supplements are a great way to fill in the holes of what nutrients we miss from our food. Some of the things I have added into our diet are: sea moss, mushroom extracts, and turmeric. All 3 have immune boosting properties along with other health benefits. I started a multivitamin with vitamin D and probiotics for my daughter. These are just a few options you can add to your regimen. I add the sea moss to our smoothies. I make golden milk with the turmeric.  Do research before you try and as always consult with your doctor before trying supplements or a new fitness plan.

These new things happening can be unnerving but remember we are in this together even though we are apart. I believe one day we’ll be able to ease up on social distancing and get to enjoy company. Thank you to all our essential workers, especially our medical professionals and to all the mommas out there doing their best to keep their kids feeling safe and loved during this time.