Stream Line Grocery Shopping: Healthy Choices Made Simple


Summer is here and a great opportunity to try healthier food choices. A lot of yummy fruits and vegetables are in season and can make eating healthy fun! If eating better is a goal for you here is a resource that will help you make that happen. One of the most important steps in making change is having a plan. This is equally relevant when changing eating habits. Not all plans have to be rigid but having a structured meal plan can help turn it into a healthy lifestyle. 

Having a plan for your next grocery trip will help you stick to your goal of eating better. Here are a few tips to master your grocery haul and make healthier choices.

  1. Plan Meals Ahead of Time– Knowing what you are going to cook makes shopping a lot easier. It helps you know what ingredients to add to the list cutting down the anxiety of knowing what to buy. I like to plan weekly, sometimes every 2 weeks. Having a few family favorites in rotation will help this process because choosing the meals will be easier.
  2. Make a Shopping List Based on Meal Plan– While your meal planning or right after, make your list so that what you’ll need is fresh in your mind. Be sure to check the fridge and pantry/cupboard to see what you already have so you don’t buy double. 
  3. Pick 1 Fruit and Vegetable to Add to List– This is really practical but genuinely taking the time to try one new fruit and vegetable will inspire you to try new things and make new healthier habits. It doesn’t have to be something you haven’t tried yet. It can be a favorite or something you haven’t had in a while.
  4. Get Familiar with Your Favorite Stores– Knowing the layout of the store can stream line shopping because you know where things are. A general tip to remember is most clean whole foods are on the outer perimeter of the store, think produce, deli, dairy, meat. Food items on the shelves generally tend to have more preservatives, extending the shelf life. Keep an eye out for deals and sign up for a discount card if there’s one available. My favorite are Giant Eagle and Aldi’s. 
  5. Bring the List and Stick to It– Sticking to the list helps save money, time, and stress when grocery shopping. I’m always on budget or less when I have my list, almost always over without it. It is really helpful knowing what to get. There are so many options to choose from.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your next grocery store trip. They can help you stay on track with your goals of eating healthy and creating a healthier lifestyle. Do you have any special things you do before you grocery shop? What about your family’s favorite recipe? Please comment below and we can come back and try new recipes if we’re ever stuck on what to make!