Tooth Guardian Inspires Kids to Learn Good Oral Health Habits


As parents, it’s so important for us to be positive role models for our children – including when it comes to taking care of their teeth! A lack of good oral health habits not only can result in toothaches and cavities, but also missed school days, poor academic performance, and even low self-esteem.

I recently learned of a campaign by Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Children’s Health Fund and Scholastic to help improve oral health education for children in the Pittsburgh area and across Pennsylvania. Together, these organizations are distributing oral health education kits to more than 5,000 classrooms throughout the state. It’s all part of a national “Guardians of the Smile” partnership that is providing dental services and oral health education to children across the country. a mom who is always looking for fun ways to teach my kids good health habits, the “Guardians of the Smile” program inspired me – especially the program’s mascot, Tooth Guardian! (Who doesn’t love a smiling, happy tooth hero?)

So the other day I asked my kids, “What are some fun things that Tooth Guardian can do to get you excited about taking care of your teeth?”

Their imaginations ran wild. And soon enough, they dreamed up adventures about how they could fight off the “bad guys” (aka cavities and toothaches).

For example, flossing used to be flossing (it was also the hardest part of caring for our kids’ teeth). Not anymore. Now they pretend that Spider-Man and Wonder Woman are spinning webs in their mouths to catch the sneaky “bad guys!” Tooth Guardian also sparked our kids’ artistic creativity. In our house, markers and crayons always make learning better!

What fun tricks do you have to get your children excited about taking care of their teeth? Share your stories and motivations with us!

For more information inspiration and educational resources, visit the “Guardians of the Smile”  website at