10 Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer


            …Is by singing loud for all to hear! That and some other fun activities can help in making your spirits bright and bringing joy to the world. Finding ways to spend time with your family, friends, and neighbors are what Christmas is all about. Giving back to the community, sharing the love for the season, and celebrating the blessings and positivity are what’s needed this time of year. Take a moment to revel in the merriment that is the holiday season and find something on this list that will make you smile!

            Here are my top 10 ways to spread Christmas cheer to you, your loved ones, neighbors and especially to those who may one day become friends.

  • Caroling with Friends and Family

      As a wonderful elf once said… “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” This couldn’t be any truer. To spread the spirit of the season, it is great fun to take part in a Christmas caroling event. The music is a special part of the season! Even if you are not a good singer it is exciting to don your gay apparel and dash away to the streets with songbook in hand and sing some old-timey favorites. Create a group to grab a hot cocoa or coffee with and roam around the streets in your neighborhood singing your favorite tunes. So get your Fa La Las ready and break out your cold weather gear!

  • Do a Christmas craft


     Fun ways to build up your creative side and Christmas or holiday spirit is by making a craft! You could try your hand at simple crafts with kids or you’re your way up to having a painting night with your friends. It is fun to even buy a premade craft that you can do together. Even making a lovely gingerbread house would be a fun Christmas adventure, just remember to use lots of super glue so your not super frustrated as the walls collapse. Other ideas would be to make homemade cards, a paper chain decoration in red and green, paper gingerbread men, a homemade wreath, and salt dough ornaments.




  • Visit a Nursing home

      In the crazy hustle and bustle of the season, it is important to remember those who could use some extra love and care. Take the time to visit loved ones or even those who you might not know in a nursing home or care home. Take some of the homemade crafts you made with friends and family or pick up flowers to give to those you visit. If you make time to carol around the neighborhood, consider taking your group to a local nursing home and sharing a couple of fun Christmas tunes!


  • Watch Christmas movies

     Walk around your local store during the holiday season and you will find stands upon bins of Christmas movies. Whether they are old or new, good or bad, give them a shot! I know there are some awesome holiday movies on Netflix or other streaming services that you can find to occupy a cold night under the blanket either by your self or with a loved one. You could even check out some movies from your local library for a fun and cheap date night!

      Some suggestions would be; The Santa Clause, Elf, Home Alone, The Holiday, The Grinch who Stole Christmas, Little Women, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Miracle on 34th Street, and White Christmas. This year The Christmas Prince on Netflix is trending so you could always give it a shot (I give it a 3 out of 5 stars for my Christmas rating, but it is a really fun watch!)

  • Go to a local Christmas lights or tree display

      Many groups or local attractions can be found in your area that showcases lighted displays or decorated Christmas trees. Some will be at the cost of a donation or a small fee and you get the chance to see ornate displays, some even in time with Christmas music, that share the brilliance of the season. Even more, another fun route is taking the kids all bundled up in the car and driving around to the local neighborhoods; driving around viewing the displays put up at each house. Especially on cold and snowy nights, this can bring magic to the Christmas season that lights up the eyes of a child or adult. The magic in believing that beauty can be found everywhere.

  • Host or go to a holiday party

      Make cookies, set up a small table of desserts and appetizers and share the holiday joy with friends and family with a nice big party! Either plan to host it yourself or find a party to attend. Some groups in the area will hold dances during December, host dinners or churches will have fun events to celebrate with neighbors and friends. It doesn’t have to be a big event it could be just a few friends or family (kids or not) and just get a chance to share fun stories and eat good food!

  • Volunteer and Donate!

      The holiday season is about giving to others and sharing in what you have with those less fortunate. Take a moment to consider helping out or donating to those groups who are helping others. Visit a food drive, soup kitchen, animal shelter, or non-profit to see what you can do to make their holiday season as happy as your own. And if you are not having a happy holiday this is one way to find the joy in the season through the joy in another’s eyes as they see someone coming to help! It is important to find a way to be there for your fellow man, or animal, and do your best to give back in such an overabundant time of the year!

  • Get a new Christmas decoration

      Feeling like your house isn’t spilling over with Christmas cheer? Feeling like a Grinch and that you should be shouting out your window “Bah Humbug”? Take a moment to decorate your home even with a simple ornament or decoration. Find something at a local store that reminds you of a memory or captures a moment from this year. Find a craft kit to make your own ornament or decoration if you want something with more meaning and sentiment. A little bit of red and green will help do wonders to perk up your spirit.

  • Create a Secret Santa

      Giving gift is something that some look forward to this time of year. The moment you get to see another person’s face light up as they open up a special gift from you is a moment that will be remembered for the whole year through. A fun way to do gift giving can be through a Secret Santa with family and/or friends. There are many programs online to help in drawing names especially when it is hard to get people together.

     Elfster.com and other websites can provide you with simple tools to make secret Santa easy! Just pick out the time and place to meet to share your gift or mail them to one another and Voilà you have participated in the fun gift-giving experience of Secret Santa! You can even share a list of things that you’d like to give your Santa some ideas or choose not to so you get a surprise!

  • Visit friends and family

              It can be hard to visit friends and family throughout the year but why not in the magical time of Christmas? Even if just for a day or weekend, it may perk up your spirit when you get to see friends and family this time of year. Think of those who may be lonely or feeling forgotten this time of year and take the time to reach out! Surprised or planned it can be fun to show up with a smile and bring that holiday spirit out! Near or far, take a moment to visit those friends and family!


Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!