3, 2, 1… Now what?


 3… 2… 1! Happy New Year!!

Excited cheers filled with hope and everyone sharing hugs and kisses with one another make New Years such a special holiday. Whether you go to a big party with friends or stay at home with your loved ones; New Year’s Eve gives you a time to reflect on the year past and share hope for a better year ahead.

You may have found this past year had moments you had hoped did not happen. However, overall it was not a horrible year. Reflecting on those that have left this world, and being sad, is one of the harder parts of enjoying the holidays and moving on into a new year. It makes for a rough beginning to a new year if jobs have been lost or if you have an unsuccessful love life. There are many reasons to be sad and to want to skip the holidays altogether.

However, it is important to know that there are always people by your side to help lift your head and hopefully create a better year than the last. Whether the hope, smiles, and hugs, come from your loved one, a relative, a friend, a neighbor, or even a stranger it is important to lean on those other people that surround you. Work through the sadness, the grief, or the heartache with a hand to hold or a shoulder to lean on. Know that you are not alone.

The holidays are stressful for some and it is imperative that we look out for one another. Next year will have its ups and downs, it’ll have sunshine and rain, and we will have to weather through it all with the umbrella of support that surrounds us.

The rest of us also have to be there for one another. We have to witness those who are struggling and give help. We have to spread kindness in such a sad and sometimes frightening world. Sharing hope and stories to guide one another out of the rabbit hole. Being there for our fellow man and understanding that even the smallest gesture can mean a lot to someone who’s struggling.

When you see a stranger unable to get their bags in their car, go help. When you notice an elderly neighbor unable to shovel their walkway, go help. When you see someone unable to make ends meet, go help. Try your best with whatever you have, and understand that even if it is little, it can help.

Listen when someone talks to you, and fully listen. Say hi, you’re welcome and thank you. Donate your time when you can to help those in need.

These actions can be added to your resolutions list. Remember that changes for the New Year aren’t just about changing your outward appearance but that you can change your inward appearance as well.

Open your heart, whether to heal or help heal. This year can be your year. Good things will come your way. Remember, we are all in this together.


Hope you have a Happy New Year!



You matter and your feelings do too.

If you feel like you need help please reach out and talk to someone:

1 (800) 273-8255 or online at http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/