A Busy Mom’s Guide to Participating in Lent


Lent:  A 40-day period penitence and fasting.

I will once again be participating in this practice for religious reasons, but am a believer that regardless of your spiritual beliefs – this act of fasting can be a beneficial act for many – mothers included.

When I was younger, I gave up “easy” things for Lent, like chocolate and pop. At the end of the 40 days, I felt proud to have given up a beloved food item for an extended period of time. But when all was said and done, I didn’t feel much of a lasting effect from my sacrifice (other than a decreased chance of getting a cavity).

Now that I’m older, the prospect of sacrificing something seems more daunting. As a wife and nearly full-time working mom of two young children, most days I feel like I continually postpone doing things that I personally enjoy for the sake of time. All that’s left to give up is my daily beloved shower (and no one would benefit from that) or an occasional evening glass of wine (again, no one would benefit…).

So rather than selecting something material to abstain from this season of Lent, I’ve decided to make a positive change to the way I spend my time. This change won’t be easy for me, but I hope that doing so will improve my life beyond the 40-day period. Here are some ideas (including mine!) on ways that you can sacrifice this Lenten season and in the process, hopefully improve your mindset and quality of life:

  1. Give up mobile devices (aka screen time, with a few exceptions if necessary). Be present and don’t let distractions rule your day.
  2. Give up negative thinking and worrying. It doesn’t get us anywhere.
  3. Give up social media. Take a break from broadcasting your life and simply live it.
  4. Give up feeling sorry for yourself. Being a mom can be all-consuming, and we all are busy. Make time for charity.
  5. Give up feeling like you need to get everything done. Spend more time with the ones you love.

Do you have any additional ideas on how to make the most out of Lent?


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