Changing the Rules for Smash Cakes


The smash cake. Really, is there anything cooler?

It’s at the top of the list on every parent’s shopping list for baby’s first birthday. There is the formal family cake for the guests to enjoy and then, there is the real deal, the main event the cake you sit in front of your baby to tear apart. For those precious few minutes, there is no worry of mess. The whole point of the smash cake is to get icing, cake and goop onto every inch of that baby’s body (and take pictures to post on Facebook.)

emma cake

It’s baby’s first sugar high. The entire first year of that child’s life, parents have been so careful either nursing or giving just the right formula, choosing the right baby food, introducing just the right solids, making sure to avoid choking hazards or allergies. It’s been 12 months of carefully choosing the right things to go into the baby’s body. Today, the baby gets a major reward to celebrate. Here is my question though:

Why is it only babies who get a smash cake?

If you think about it, this is a totally untapped market for older people who would truly enjoy a smash cake. That baby isn’t remembering anything about that cake. However, if you move the smash cake tradition up to a 21st, 30th, or even 40th birthday, the real fun begins. Yes more of the cake actually makes it into the person’s mouth, but if you give a grown up license to be messy they will do you proud. Icing will be flying.  My recommendation is to add a bottle of wine for an even better effect. Also make sure you have a cheering section. And those pictures aren’t just going upon Facebook, you will see them on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, you, full of sticky cake magic, celebrating your birthday like you deserve!

This coming October, I turn 40. What do you think?