Team Leprechaun


In our house, we are team leprechaun. We celebrate St Patrick’s day will full gusto. We are Irish and we always wore green but we never went all out until my son was in Kindergarten way back in 2012. As a school project he needed to make a leprechaun trap. It was quite the elaborate structure complete with a rainbow and a pot of gold. Needless to say we did not catch a leprechaun that year but we did catch some holiday spirit. Finally a holiday just for fun. We were not obligated to visit family, cook for an army, or shop for presents. As the years went on we learned that we are not the only family who, stays up late causing shenanigans and dying toilet water green. The leprechaun is like the original elf on the shelf. The bonus to inviting this little green guy in to your life is… it’s just one day. There is no 6 week long commitment of trying to out do yourself. Its just one day of fun. If you are thinking about trying out this new tradition here are some simple classics. 

  1. Use a q-tip cotton swab to rub food coloring in the head of your faucet. In the morning when the faucet is turned on it will look like the water is really coming out green. 
  2. Leave a leprechaun trail. Any thing green works, I like shamrock confetti. 
  3. Make a trap. this can be something elaborate or simply a box held up with a stick. Some stores sell pre-made leprechaun traps. 
  4. Shamrock pancakes (in our house this is a tradition) They are always in the shape of a four leaf clover and usually chocolate mint. 
  5. And Last but not least wear your green. My kids don’t wear a lot of green so we always get special St. Patrick’s day shirts.