Craft :: Tree of Gratitude


In early 2014, our family lost our home in a devastating fire. Less than 8 months later we were celebrating the holidays in a brand new home, with that we wanted brand new traditions. My favorite is our tree of gratitude. At first glance it may seem like a fancy stick in a vase but it holds a lot of meaning and it can be as simple or creative as you wish. 


Things you will need –

  1. Card stock in assorted fall colors
  2. 2 in circle punch 
  3. Thin fall colored ribbon
  4. Scissors 
  5. Branches 
  6. 1 lg clear glass vase
  7. 1lb dry beans of your choice I used navy beans.
  8. Single hole punch                                                                                                                         




  • Using cardstock print “I am thankful for…” 9x per sheet
  • Cut using 2 inch circle punch
  • Using hole punch; punch one hole in the edge of each 2 inch circle then set aside 
  • Cut ribbon into 6 inch lengths you will need one for each circle set aside
  • Fill large vase with dry beans
  • Press dry branch in to vase 
  • Using ribbons allow guests to hang circles on the branches after they write what they are thankful for this holiday season.