The FIT Principle and Why it Matters


The FIT Principle is a tool used to keep tabs on your exercise program. This is super exciting! Only you can make changes to your personal wellness plan (in light of the FIT principle) and zero in on obtaining specific results. FIT is an acronym outlining the key components of a successful exercise program – frequency, intensity, and time. Many fitness sources include type as another piece of the principle, but for now, we will stick with three. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Frequency – consistently following any exercise regimen requires the body to rebuild and repair on some level. This is crucial for the body to replenish its energy reserves. The goal is to provide enough stress for the body to change and adapt as well as allowing enough time for the body to repair.

Without getting too technical, I want to connect this to our #momlife reality. How often are you fitting in a workout? Can you add another day to your week?

Intensity – the amount of effort that is/should be exerted in a training session or program. Like with frequency, the importance of maintaining a balance in the body between enough intensity to create change as well as being mindful of NOT over training.

With intensity, an adjustable component, in mind, how intense are your workouts? What changes do you need to make for success? It’s too easy to press cruise control and mindlessly engage in physical activity. Does this sound like you? We have to make this time for ourselves;the results are beyond rewarding!

Time – How long are are your workouts? If you are engaged in exercise class (that’s awesome!!!), your length of physical activity in a single session is generally fixed. Classes are an amazing way to ensure this piece of the FIT principle is sufficient.

Of course, I’m a little biased, but a great way to stay active with your children is through FIT4MOM classes (also pre and postnatal friendly). Check out your local class schedule here:

The Vintage Button Photography
The Vintage Button Photography

**The BIG TAKEAWAY: The best way to make changes and see results is to adjust the frequency of your workouts. Work your way up…try adding one more day a week, then another and another. Always bearing in mind the balance between exertion and recovery!