Get Outside in Pittsburgh!


When we first moved to Pittsburgh from Phoenix I was hesitant if we would find the same enjoyment in the outdoors as we did. At anytime of year there are ways to be active in Arizona, and I hoped that we would find our way here.

Before we even moved I started doing research on family-friendly activities and found quite a bit of information. As the weather warms, I hope you find these tidbits give you the inspiration you need to get outside!

Hike It Baby was the first group I found. I couldn’t be happier with the experiences we’ve had with this group! They are parents who, like myself, make it a priority for their children to be outdoors. Throughout the year there are hikes and playgroups around and outside the city, with events picking up as the thermometer climbs.emerald view park

We have met so many amazing humans and experienced beautiful times with HIB Pittsburgh. I’m so glad I found them when I did because they’ve taught me the ropes and given me so many great pointers on active life in the city. They offer such a great group of kids that all play together nicely and enjoy the wilderness they are given to explore. I definitely recommend finding this group on their website or Facebook as well as checking out a hike.

Grow Pittsburgh is another one of those initial finds I had while scouring the Internet. Their website states: “Our mission is to teach people how to grow food and promote the benefits gardens bring to our neighborhoods. We believe access to locally grown, chemical-free fruits and vegetables is a right, not a privilege. We envision the day when everyone in our city and region grows and eats fresh, local and healthy food.”

It is my belief that if children are involved in the process of growing their own food, even if it is small scale, that they will eat healthier while having an appreciation for the Earth. This is the time of year when we all go outside to soak up the sun, so why not make it count? Grow Pittsburgh offers oodles of information when it comes to planting your own garden, seeking out a community garden, or supporting local farmers. You can find their list of upcoming events along with more of your growing needs on their website and Facebook page.

Bike Pittsburgh is on our radar. Now, I’m no experienced biker nor do I have the urge to climb the hills in this beautiful city, but that’s what is so great about Bike Pittsburgh! They offer everything from information on cycling classes, to trails, to events. I’ve heard about the bike paths downtown and cannot wait to check them out with my little. Bike Pittsburgh is the who I will consult before heading out on my bike, and I look forward to their advice.

You can find them on their website as well as their Facebook page.

Fittsburgh is fantastic! Technically they are a group designed to being active in Pittsburgh, but so much of that, especially this time of year, has to do with getting outside. Fittsburgh informs me of ways to get physically active in the city, holds and advertises events, and even shares healthy finds at local restaurants.

Right now their pages are littered with races and other events held to take care of the charming weather right around the corner. Find them on Facebook as well as their website.

And last but not least, check out our Parks! Pittsburgh has some of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen. picnic in frickThey are perfect opportunities to teach children about nature during one part of the day while allowing them get their sillies out on the playground during another. We visit Frick Park every few days, as their trails are perfect for running, walking, and exploring. Our newest find, Emerald View Park, takes you from serene woodlands to a beautiful look over the city in a reasonable inclined hike. If you have friends coming into town, give them the gift of a hike through Emerald View Park.

You can find Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy on Facebook as well as on their website .

With so many options, you have no excuse! Now get outside and explore our beautiful city!


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Brittany Branyon calls Auburn home, but has lived abroad and across the US - totaling 10 moves in 7 years. She lives with her son Jude, fiance Rick, dog Patton, and cat Oona. In a perfect world Brittany would spend her days gardening, whipping up happiness in the kitchen, and perusing farmers markets. Besides her family, the things Brittany loves most are international travel (she's up to 22 countries), experiencing unfamiliar cultures, and photography. If you want to be her best friend, simply make her a homemade gift or provide her with Ethiopian cuisine.