Summer Bucket List: For the 2 and Under Crowd


With the temperatures rising and the days stretching out until 9 pm, there is no denying that Summer is upon us! This season of sunshine and longer days is made for an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to play! 

I have a son who is going to be turning 1 in a few weeks. And I am met with bittersweetness, as I am sad to lose my baby but excited to watch him grow, I am realizing that he is much more mobile and we can participate in so many more activities. I have found that watching him navigate the world and discover everything around him this past year has been such a beautiful experience. As he has grown and shown his curiosity for new things it made me want to start finding more things for him to discover though exploration and imagination. While I did find a few nice things to do, I noticed as I searched for places to visit many of the activities and events were for kids just a little older than him. While there are some really great Mommy and Me events all around the tri-county area the majority of the happenings are for ages 3 and up. After some thought I realized that this Summer could be just as exciting and inclusive if we make our own adventures! So I started to compile a Summer Bucket List that specifically applies to the (age) 2 and under crowd! 

We already have checked a few things off of our list, but we have many more to achieve! While keeping in mind that this age group is still trying to discern how the world works and using their own brands of ingenuity while at play, they are able to create some lasting impressions along the way.

Here are 20 Summer Bucket List things to try

1. Visit a Library Story Time

2. Plant a vegetable garden/ flowers/ herbs

3. Playground hopping

4. Spend the day a local pool and/or splash pad

5. Take a family hike

6. Camp out in the back yard

7. See fireworks

8. Attend a music festival or music in the park

9. Try a new craft

10. Visit The Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

11. Splash in mud and rain puddles

12. Have a picnic

13. Visit relatives

14. Have nap time outside

15. Go feed the ducks/ birds/ fish

16. Go to a car show or attend a Touch-A-Truck event

17. Bubbles- making them, blowing them, using a bubble machine, etc

18. Get ice cream at a new place once a month

19. Visit a beach- local or otherwise

20. Play on the Water Steps on a hot day

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Deanna is a life long Beaver County resident. She is a first time, stay-at-home mom. She and her husband are teaming up to raise an entertaining and energetic little boy, Roman, who is turning one this summer. We share our hearts and home with a rescue Labrador Retriever, Geno, who completes our family dynamic. Deanna has spent a handful of years as a Pre-Kindergarten daycare teacher, and studied Early Childhood Education during that time. Part of her work as a daycare teacher was to plan events in and out of the classroom setting. She found a calling in this and went on to become a certified Event Planner who enjoys hosting various themed and somewhat elaborate parties for close friends and family. Before motherhood, Deanna had become a voice in the PCOS community, sharing tips and information on the subject to provide hope and support to other women like her who have experienced or currently experience infertility. Spreading awareness on the subject is something she is passionate about after being diagnosed in 2016, the same year she was able to conceive thanks to her faith, healthy lifestyle changes, and medical intervention. After becoming a Mom, she has gone on to create and Administer the Facebook page, "Beaver County MOB (Moms of Boys)" exclusively designed for activities in the tri-county area for boys ages newborn- Middle School. She also began a recipe blog for busy moms who just want to get dinner on the table at Also in early 2017, she became a page editor for a small business Facebook page, Beanster Goods. In her limited spare time she volunteers for a card ministry through her Church, enjoys binging on Netflix or Hulu series, reading during middle of the night breastfeeding sessions, is a Pinterest enthusiast, likes trying new restaurants with her husband, traveling to new places, finding age appropriate activities in the community for her son, practices Hygge, trys to stay active outdoors, while occasionally hosting get togethers for her neighbors.