Summer Bucket List


Summer is almost here!  As the school year comes to an end children are filled with excitement over all the possibilities of summer.  Add to the fun by making a summer bucket list together as a family.  What is a summer bucket list?  It is a list of fun things you want to do before summer is over.  At the beginning of summer it might seem impossible to fill your summer schedule with fun, exciting activities.  A summer bucket list can help with that.


Here are some tips for putting together your bucket list:

  1. Write it together as a family, so it is a mix of all your interests.
  2. Turn your list into a poster to help keep you on track.  It will be fun to watch activities get crossed off the list, and to see what is left on it.
  3. Try to have about 20 activities on the list, meaning you need to complete about two a week.  This will guarantee your summer is filled with fun!
  4. Make sure the activities on your list are reasonable.  Don’t put anything that is completely impossible, it will be disappointing to your children.


Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  1. Go to the zoo
  2. Make smores
  3. Catch fireflies
  4. Visit a park that you have never been to
  5. Have a picnic
  6. Backyard camp out
  7. Pick flowers
  8. Go on a hike
  9. Paint rocks
  10. Have a water balloon fight
  11. Go to a carnival
  12. Plant something
  13. Feed the ducks
  14. Go to a baseball game (Go Pittsburgh Pirates!!!)
  15. Take a trip to the farmers market
  16. Visit a spray park
  17. Go to the library
  18. Attend an outdoor movie night
  19. Visit an amusement park
  20. Eat at a food truck
  21. Fly a kite
  22. Go miniature golfing
  23. Make an outdoor fort
  24. Visit a pool
  25. Go to a museum



Now I’m even more excited about summer!  Whats on your family’s bucket list?  Share in the comments below!