The Perfect Preschooler Spring Day – Picnic in the Park!


Spring has almost sprung – and if your kids are anything like mine, they are dying to get outside and play! One of our favorite things to do as soon as the weather is warm enough is pack up and picnic. We usually plan for late morning to start our adventures, and after a few hours playing, and a belly full of snacks, they are almost always too tired to argue about leaving. My kids fall asleep in the car, every. single. time. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to turn off Baby Shark, put on a podcast, and take the long way home. I highly recommend it! Here are my tips to get you started on your way to your own perfect preschooler picnic!

LOCATION – Location is key! – Pittsburgh seriously has the greatest parks ever. The best parks for our picnics have clean bathrooms that are close to a playground, and plenty of shade. We are closest to North Park, so we go there more often than not but wherever you live, I guarantee there is a great option. 

Some of our favorite parks are around different areas of Pittsburgh are:

Graham Park, Cranberry

Kids Castle Playground, Cranberry

Blueberry Hill Park, Sewickley

Mt. Lebanon Main Park, Mt. Lebanon

Our very favorite spot in North Park is in the middle of a pretty big clearing, bordered by the lake, a bathroom and playground, and a steep hill that keeps my kids pretty contained. They are free to explore around us, and always in view. 

SNACKS – When I think I have enough snacks, I pack a few more. The girls love to help me prepare them, and help set everything up. Things that they can easily hold and run around with work best for us. Cheese sticks, bananas, sandwich triangles, granola bars, and celery, carrot, and cucumbers cut into sticks are some of our favorites. And of course, we bring lots and lots of water. 

ACTIVITIES – Some of our favorite activities are blowing bubbles, playing catch, and scavenger hunts. We love searching for new plants, critters, and counting birds. I also like to bring a few of their favorite toys from home. Bringing a favorite stuffed animal into a different setting opens up a whole new world of play. 

Keeping a dedicated bag in the car with picnic essentials (blanket, sunscreen, bug spray), makes the process even easier. So as you round the corner into Spring, if you find yourself with a few hours to spare and restless kids, pack up a bag and find a park. Leave a comment and let us know how it goes!


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