10 Things I’m Giving Up as a Mom


Early on in motherhood, I started to feel a sense of mourning.  There were so many things that I felt pressure to give up, just so that I would fit the “mom” mold.  They weren’t necessary to leave behind in order to be a responsible parent, they were just things that I felt made me look or feel younger.  Like excessive ear piercings.  Or wearing my husband’s t-shirts.  

As I began to grow as a mom throughout my son’s first year, I realized that I didn’t need to give up the things that brought me joy, just for the sake of fitting the mom stereotype.  Instead, I started to give up the things that made my life more complicated or miserable.  Here are 10 examples of things I’ve left behind after becoming a mother.

  1. Saying yes to everything.  This lesson took far too long to learn. In my 20s, I was fearful of saying no to any plans.  I had constant FOMO (fear of missing out). Now, I say yes to the things that make sense with my schedule, and don’t dwell on the plans I decline.
  2. Eating out constantly.  It’s expensive, it’s fattening, and it caused me constant guilt.  On the plus side, I’ve learned a lot of new, easy recipes!
  3. Putting myself last.  I am a nurturer.  I like to see everyone else taken care of, usually to my own detriment.  Self care is a wonderful thing, and I’m embracing its different forms. 
  4. Self doubt.  Instincts in motherhood are incredibly powerful, but my instincts in other areas can be just as incredible.
  5. TV binge watching. Admittedly, I’ve given this up because my toddler shouldn’t be exposed to some of the shows I like to binge.  Still, I have to admit that I’ve found better ways to spend my time instead.                                       
  6. Cutting my own hair.  I don’t even want to revisit some of my hair cutting snafus.  At 30 years old, it’s time to face the fact that bangs are never a good idea.
  7. Late nights.  Saturday nights now have the same bed time as Sunday nights.  I’m chasing a toddler around all day.  I’m tired.
  8. Not drinking water.  Chronic dehydration doesn’t look good on anyone.
  9. Constant stimulation.  Meditation has been a life saver for me recently, and so have sitting quietly on my deck and enjoying the sounds of nature.  Sometimes it’s nice to just be quiet.                                                                        
  10. Perfection. I don’t have everything figured out all of the time.  Forgiving my mistakes makes it easier for me to move on and try again the next day.