Advanced Maternal Age


Well, since the cat is out of the bag. Yes I am expecting a little one in November. I am hopefully past the nauseous, hungry, exhausted and useless stage. That part sucks big time! Before you get your panties in a bunch, yes I am excited and already love this little one. I asked God for this miracle and will give my life for this child. I wanted this and am grateful for the whole experience. But I want to be real and honest, pregnancy can be horrible and no one tells you about that part.

At our first appointment, the doctor comes in to say hello and to answer any questions I have. Since this is my second time around I remember how this rodeo goes. Pee in a cup, check weight, blood pressure, order labs, and give a due date; pretty routine right? Well, she comes in with a smile and shakes our hands. Then she looks at me and says, “Since you are of an “Advanced Maternal Age”, it will be different this time”. Since I am a type A personality and need to research everything ahead of time, I knew that term was coming but for some reason to actually hear it come out of the doctors mouth stunned me. I wanted to say, look lady I am not that damn old, but instead I just sighed and said ok so what would you recommend, MaterniT21, CVS (Chorionic villus sampling) or Amnio? She was shocked and said “wow, you know your stuff”. Then she started talking about what each test was and when they can be preformed.

The whole time I was kind of sad. Sad because, I wasn’t the age I had envisioned I would be. Sad because, with my age came challenges that might not be easy. Sad because, I am going to be 53 when this baby graduates from high school. And sad because, I kept thinking am I going to be able to keep up. I know age is just a number but I have been through some tough times and feel a lot older then the number. My body reminds me daily that I am not a spring chicken anymore, that I need to slow down.

I opted to have the MaterniT21 done which came back all normal, so now I can relax. I am about half way through this pregnancy and feel good. I just found out that the baby is a boy and couldn’t be more excited. Still feel a little sad but mostly just tired and achy. Thank GOD for summer break so I can at least rest some.

Any “Advanced Maternal Age” mommas out there? How did you react to hearing the term? Did it change your view? Comment below I would love to hear your story.

– Carol

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